Pennsylvania Man Charged With Abuse Of A Corpse After Trying To Sell Human Body Parts On Facebook

Police have charged a man from Pennsylvania after he allegedly bought stolen body parts from a mortuary that he intended on reselling on Facebook.

Pauley is a body modification artist, whose head is covered in tattoos and metal spikes
Pauley is a body modification artist, whose head is covered in tattoos and metal spikes

40-year-old Jeremy Pauley, from Enola, has been charged with dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities, receiving stolen property, and abuse of a corpse. Authorities claim that Pauley made arrangements to pay a woman in Arkansas $4,000 for the body parts that he intended to resell online.

Pauley had told police during interview that his plan was to sell the body parts on Facebook with the hope of turning a good profit.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock said that the body parts in question had been donated to them, and said in a statement that they were stolen after being sent to a mortuary for cremation.

Leslie Taylor, a spokeswoman for the university, said: "We are very respectful of those who donate their bodies, and we are appalled that such a thing could happen."

Police raided Pauley's home and found what they initially described as older human remains, including full skeletons, that they determined were obtained legally.

After receiving a tip-off about new body parts at his property, police returned and discovered more recent purchases.

Investigators found skeletons and numerous buckets filled with a variety of different body parts, including two brains, a heart, livers, lungs, human skin, and even a child's mandible with teeth.

The New York Post reported how they had seen posts online from Pauley where he was offering bags of teeth, femurs, ribs, and other bones for sale.

District attorney for Cumberland County, Sean McCormack, said: "I think I've seen it all, and then something like this comes around. "The question we had to answer was, 'Is the sale of body parts or bones and remains illegal...or legal?' "Some of it, to our surprise, was legal. And as the investigation went on, it became clear there was illegal activity going on as well."

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