Phil Schneider: Aliens, UFO's and Underground Military Bases, suicide or silenced?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Phil Schneider is one of the world most renowned whistleblowers in the world of aliens, UFO's and conspiracies, was this self-proclaimed first-hand witness to the government agenda murdered?

Phil Schneider Dulce Base
Phil Schneider claimed he was involved in a firefight with Aliens in Dulce, New Mexico, in 1979

The story of Phil Schneider is somewhat of an interesting one, it is not easy to prove, however it is even more difficult to discredit when you delve deeper into the evidence that the man provided on the UFO, Alien and New World Order agenda.

Mr Schneider claimed that he worked for the US Government and other elusive companies for 17 years on various projects and under various different roles, geologist, aerospace engineer and structural engineer.

He is famous for his work on D.U.M.B's, the abbreviation for deep underground military bases, now it is common knowledge that these impressive megastructures do indeed exist, however, Phil's explanation as to what they are used for and why they were built is something that will boggle the mind of the everyday none believer.

Mr Schneider said that during his time building these underground bases he also co-invented a machine used for high powered drilling and tunnelling into rock, a heavy-duty laser rock deflagration machine that would melt the rock during the drilling process and apply the molten material as a liquid coating to create the tunnels, quickly and efficiently, some going down into the earth as far as two miles.

Phil Schneider working at area 51
Schneider claimed to have spent 11 years working at groom lake, commonly known as Area 51

Schneider stated that aliens have been in contact with humans for longer than we could ever imagine, he spoke of a known story dating back to 1909 where the US cavalry chased some bandits into a cave and came into contact with a group of "Alien Grays" with "horseshoe ships", the US cavalry spoke of coming into contact with "demons" within the cave.

He spoke about how in 1933, the US, along with allies from France and England and various other European countries set up a special research organisation dealing with aerial phenomenon.

It is claimed that in 1954, President Eisenhower and FBI agents met with Alien lifeforms and signed a treaty which agreed on the exchange of Alien technology to the US in return for human test subjects for the extra terrestrials.

Schneider told of how he was involved in the building of huge underground structures, some of which were deeper than two miles into the earth's surface and kitted out with high-speed monorail style trains that connected the bases together.

During his time as a structural engineer, he claimed that he worked on a total of 13 deep underground military bases, the most notorious was the Dulce facility in Dulce, New Mexico. Mr Schneider also told how area 51 on the surface was a small part of the base, claiming that there was a further 9 underground bases built beneath the infamous secret facility.

The dulce alien base
Hi-Tech surveillance equipment on top of the mountain area's surrounding the apparent Dulce underground base

Phil spoke of how the F1-17 was developed using traded alien technology.

He detailed how 100,000 children and 1 million adults go missing in the US every year, without a single trace, he put this down to the agreement to allow the extraterrestrials humans in exchange for their technology.

His father was a supposed U-Boat captain for Hitler's navy who was captured during the war and ended up assisting in the build of the first nuclear-powered air craft carrier.

With the sightings of UFO's increasing year on year, Schneider made the claim that a lot of the unidentified flying objects in the skies are indeed saucers, however, they are in control of the various militaries around the world, all of which the technology has come from Alien sources working alongside the world governments.

Mr Schneider, according to him, held a level 3 security clearance within NATO, of which only a couple of hundred are issued worldwide.

He told listeners in various different speeches across the US that D.U.M.B's are being built for when the new world order introduces martial law, according to Phil, the leading militaries around the world are training ex KGB, UK Special forces, Green Beret's and others, ready to enforce martial law when it is introduced.

Schneider claims to have told the government he would no longer work for a corrupt system that was working against the American people and the constitution and decided to leave the system and become a whistleblower, subsequently resulting in 13 failed attempts on his life within 1 year.

He made a bold claim that approximately $310 billion a year was being spent on funding these black budget projects and that a large influx of the cash required to fund them was coming from CIA drug activity in Southern America.

Aliens from the Roswell Crash in 1947
Alien autopsy of Roswell crash in 1947

According to Schneider, we have many materials that are not known to the everyday person that is being used in various different military manufacturing processes, many of which he brought evidence of to his speeches, including a form of near pure Titanium that was used on Pheonix class submarines and he believed was potentially being mined in space. Mr Schneider told the world that the United Nations were the biggest governing body in the world to date, however, he explained that they are taking their orders from the Alien Grays, who he described as extremely sinister beings who are renowned for their lies.

Probably his most famous statement was that of an intense firefight in Dulce, New Mexico, during the construction of the large scale underground military base. He laid claim to the fact that 66 government agents were killed in a firefight with the Alien Grays after accidentally drilling into their base, Schneider claimed he was shot in the chest with a laser, that burned off his fingers and all of his toenails, stating he was only alive to tell his story thanks to a green beret who sacrificed himself to say, Schneider.

Phil Schneider died on January 17th, 1996, the official reason for his death was classed as suicide. The authorities claimed he was strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck.

His death came 2 months after his last presentation discussing all of the above, many people involved in the alien conspiracy community believe that Phil was murdered for speaking out about what he knew, he had already made claim to many attempts on his life after becoming a whistleblower. When you start to delve deeper into the words of Mr Phil Schneider, it is harder and harder to discredit what he has to say, almost all of what he spoke about does show many truths when researched.

RIP Mr Schneider.


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