Pop In A Box: The Largest Collection Of Funko Pop Vinyl

Funko "Pop! Vinyl" is a line of collectible figures that have been made by Funko, an American company that has become unbelievably popular throughout the globe due to the wide of licensed pop culture collectibles that they create.

From Disney to DC, Starwars and Stranger things along with many more well-known characters pop in a box have something for everyone interested in just about any genre. This quirky online store has the perfect gift for those with a particular interest!

Funko Pops are a huge line of collectible figurines made by Funko. These figurines are well known for their amazing likeness to many well-known characters from various movies and series. But more so they are easily recognised by their large heads with their large eyes and windowed display boxes.

Funko was founded in 1998 by a man called Mike Becker but was later sold to the current CEO Brian Mariotti in 2005. The first item the company ever created was the Big Boy Bobblehead.

Over time the small company became a huge hit amongst collectors and pop culture enthusiasts. In 2010 was when the company took off and people not only in America but all over the world began collecting.

Since the company began in 1998. They have now grown to a point where there are now a total of 8,366 Funko Pops to collect.

Funko Pops are an amazing thing to collect both for genuine collectors and for those who are looking to collect them before selling them on. With some Funko Pops being rarer than others they can vary in price and worth.

It certainly would appear that due to the popularity of the Funko Pop craze these little collectible items are going to continue to grow in value, certainly, after production of product lines ceases in the future.

We thought that Pop-in-a-Box deserved a mention on our business page as it is certainly unique and many people are even looking at these products as a future investment opportunity. If you want to start your Funko Pop collection, check out POP IN A BOX.


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