QAnon Killer: Father murdered his two children with fishing spear over 'Serpent People Conspiracy'

Californian man who murdered his two children has claimed that he committed the heinous crime to protect the world from them as they would have turned into monsters due to inheriting 'serpent DNA' passed down from their mother.

Matthew Coleman QAnon
Matthew Coleman murdered his two children, stating they had been infected with serpent DNA

40-year-old Matthew Coleman, from California, has been charged with killing his two children with a spearfishing gun. Coleman, has made claims that he was "enlightened" by QAnon and other conspiracy theories, he stated that he was saving the world from the "monsters" who had "serpent DNA," a federal prosecutor said. Matthew Coleman told police in California that he knew he was doing wrong, but that "it was the only course of action that would save the world."

The killer dad was charged on Wednesday for taking his two children, aged two years and 10 months across the border to Mexico before killing them and returning to the United States.

The police were first notified of a potential issue between the Father and his two children on August 7th, when the children's mother raised the alarm.

She told police that Coleman had said he was taking them camping, however, he refused to tell her where and would not answer calls or text messages. The following day police managed to track Coleman using the Find My iPhone app, this showed his last known location as being Rosarito, Mexico.

Upon crossing back across the border into the US, Coleman was arrested by the FBI. After being detained by the FBI, Coleman confessed to shooting both of his children with a spearfishing gun and leaving their bodies back across the border in Mexico, Mexican authorities located the two dead children shortly after.

In a statement given to the FBI, he stated that he believed his children would grow up and become monsters so he had to kill them to save the rest of the world.

He claimed that he was "enlightened by QAnon and Illuminati conspiracies and that he had received visions that his wife passed serpent DNA, which she had apparently passed onto the children.

Coleman has been charged with the foreign murder of US nationals.


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