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Racist Man Arrested After Calling Security Guard A N**** & Firing Gun Outside Florida Bar

A man has been arrested for hate crimes after allegedly shouting racist remarks at a black security guard inside a bar before firing a gun outside while shouting "White Power".

Dustin McCann, 30, allegedly racially abused a security guard before firing several shots outside the bar

Tampa Police Department said on Wednesday that Dustin McCann, 30, has been arrested over the incident.

Tampa Police Chief Mary O'Connor said: "Racist conduct like this has no place in our community, which is why our Tampa Police Officers worked swiftly to find this suspect in less than 24 hours and bring him to justice.

"He will now be held accountable for his criminal actions."

McCann was thrown out of the SoHo Saloon in South Tampa after repeatedly referring to a Black security guard using the N-word, at around 9pm on Monday.

After he was removed from the premises, witnesses recalled how they watched McCann get into his car across the street and fire multiple gunshots, before yelling "white power" as he sped away.

30-year-old McCann was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and one count of shooting a weapon while driving. The charges are expected to be elevated with evidence of racial bias.

McCann, originally from Texas, was released on bond on Wednesday afternoon.

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