Rapist Jailed After Being Identified By The Bite Mark His Victim Left On His Shoulder

A London rapist who attacked a woman travelling home from hospital has been jailed. The dangerous sex offender was identified after the victim left a large bite mark on his shoulder.

Adhnon Marrtab, 24, jailed for 9 years for rape
Adhnon Marrtab, 24, jailed for 9 years for rape

On 25 October last year, 24-year-old Adhnon Marrtab followed a woman at 4am after she had been discharged from a hospital in north London.

The victim was travelling home and got off a bus at Golders Green Station, visited a shop, and was waiting for another bus when she saw Marrtab crossing the road towards her.

Marrtab then snatched the woman's phone from her hand while making sexually aggressive comments to her. She pushed him away and made an attempt to escape but he kept grabbing her while continuing with the sexual comments.

Marrtab then assaulted the 28-year-old woman, dragged her into a churchyard, and raped her. The woman managed to bite down hard on Marrtabs shoulder during the attack before escaping over a fence to get help. Detectives from the Metropolitan Police watched CCTV footage that showed Marrtab boarding a bus and using his Oyster card, this allowed them to track his recent travel history.

The bite mark left on rapist Adhnon Maartab's shoulder
The bite mark left on rapist Adhnon Marrtab's shoulder

On 31 October, officers swooped on Marrtab outside a hotel in Wembley and he was arrested and charged with rape.

When authorities carried out a body search they found a large bite mark on his shoulder, this matched the account that the victim had given to police, saying she had bitten him during the attack.

Adhnon Marrtab, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to rape and sexual assault by penetration at Harrow Crown Court. He was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Detective Constable Pat Leonte, who led the investigation, said: "This was an extremely challenging investigation and we went to great lengths to identify and remand Marrtab. "We trawled mass amounts of CCTV footage across multiple days and worked alongside various specialist teams in pursuit of him.

"Thanks to the brave victim's compelling evidence and the work of the wider investigation team, this dangerous man is now behind bars. Women and girls have the right to feel safe in London, at any time day or night."

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