Rapper Was Still Alive When Wife Starting Cutting Him Up With A Hacksaw According To New Evidence

Evidence shows that murdered Ukrainian rapper was still alive when his wife started dismembering him with a hacksaw. His wife Marina Kokhal has admitted to cutting up his body and storing it in her fridge.

Andy Cartwright murder
Rapper Andy Cartwright pictured with his wife Marina Kokhal before the murder

New forensic evidence shows that murdered Ukrainian rapper Andy Cartwright was still alive when his wife, Marina Kokhal started to dismember him.

It is alleged that Cartwright was having an affair with a female fan around the time that he was killed at his home in St Petersburg, Russia.

His wife, Marina Kokhal has admitted to cutting up the body of her 30-year-old husband and storing his body parts in her fridge.

She claims that he died of a drugs overdose and she only dismembered his body with a hacksaw and a knife so his fans "would never find out he died such an inglorious death." She explained that her plan was to tell people he had just gone missing.

In October, Marina Kokhal was released from prison on house arrest but she remains the only suspect in the case. New forensic tests, partly completed on the rapper's eyes, suggest his cause of death was oxygen starvation - and that the dismembering of his body started whilst he was still alive.

His wife disposed of many of his organs but the most recent scientific evidence indicates the dismembering "occurred shortly - a few minutes, dozens of minutes - before death."

The rapper, whose Russian name was Alexander Yushko "was in a state of pronounced hypoxia" (oxygen deficiency) before he died, the report states that his death could have taken several hours.

An initial investigation had led authorities to believe that he had died from an injection of a hard-to-trace insulin substitute drug that was intended for diabetics.

Murdered rapper Andy Cartwright AKA Andy Yushko
Murdered rapper Andy Cartwright AKA Andy Yushko

After she was arrested, Kokhal's lawyers spoke about how she was initially accused by detectives of "drinking her dead husband's blood and having sex with his corpse."

It is alleged that some of his body parts were found in her fridge, others in bin liners ready for disposal, it was also said that his fingertips had been fed to the rats in the yard outside.

Forensic experts explained that eight key organs were unavailable to them, as they were either missing or some of them had been put through a washing machine.

The judge ordered that Kokhal should remain under house arrest pending further investigations, a video showed the wife crying and hugging her lawyer, Irina Skurtu after being released from the glass court cage.

The child that the couple has together had been sent to an orphanage but the judge permitted a reunion with Kokhal whilst she is under house arrest.

A new court case has been scheduled for later this month.

At the time of his death, Andy Cartwright had been having a sexual relationship with a fan, Nadia Romaneko, 26.

Romaneko said: "Our relations took place at my apartment. I specially rented a flat near his apartment block. We met every day, and Kokhal did not know about it."

Kokhal's mother, 68-year-old Elena Kokhal was also detained by authorities as a potential suspect in the killing, however, she was released and is no longer being accused of involvement in the murder.

This is an ongoing case and we will update you on progress as further information is released.


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