Rent The Chicken: The American Company That Is Making A Killing Renting Chickens

Yes, you read that correctly, this US company has seen rapid growth in customer demand for rentals, but not your common rental, this company simply rents out chickens!

Rent the chicken

Rent the chicken was a company founded in 2003 in the United States and Canada. The co-founders, Phil and Jen, Started this business as a part-time add-on to their farm. Yet, over the years has grown and developed the business into where it's at today. The general idea behind renting a chicken is that for which people are looking to have fresh eggs from chickens without having to own the chickens full time. A simple enough idea that has been used for various products over the years. However, the idea has been rarely used with the likes of livestock or living things. When renting chickens from the company you will be provided with 2-4 egg-laying hens, a coop, bedding, food, and other essentials including a care guide. The price will vary throughout the various options, and the different service levels the company offers. However, as a base price, it is around $450 for two laying hens. This also includes the hutch, food, bedding, and all the other essentials to last for your full rental period. There will be many people wondering. Why would you rent chickens for fresh eggs when you could just go to a store? The answer is simple. Its believed that fresh eggs are better for you than store-bought. Not only are they better in nutrients its also believed by scientists that you are more likely to contract salmonella from eggs that are produced in mass due to the living conditions of the chickens. Whereas, the risk is significantly reduced in 'backyard eggs'.

The Rent the chicken company allows you to rent the chickens as long and as often as you like however their main selections are usually between 5-6 months. According to the website, the founders believe that you should receive anywhere between 8-14 or 16-28 eggs per week. Depending on your number of chickens. As the business has grown and expanded over the years they now also offer other services including 'Hatch The Chicken' which helps you to hatch your own chickens from eggs without the commitment of keeping the chickens afterward.

They also have gift options. This allows you to rent chickens for a friend or family member, so if you're ever struggling with a birthday present for your mother-in-law, just ask yourself, "would she like a chicken this year?" They even go as far as having an adoption option for those who after the rental time choose that they would like to keep their chickens. Rent-the chicken has even started partnering with schools so that they can rent chickens or go through the hatch a chicken process to help teach children more about the animals and lifecycles as well as agriculture. So, if you have ever wanted to rent a chick, get across to Rent-the-Chicken.


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