Retired USAF lieutenant Dr Robert Jacobs Says He Was Part of UFO Cover Up

Today Dr Robert Jacobs has said that he accidentally captured high-resolution footage of a "saucer-shaped craft" that was firing beams of light at a US nuclear-capable missile as it flew at over 8,000mp over California

Robert Jacobs UFO footage
Retired USAF lieutenant Dr Robert Jacobs says he was ordered to stay quiet about captured UFO footage

In an astonishing press conference on the subject of extra-terrestrial interference in nuclear testing that was led by retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas from the Paradigm Research Group, Dr Robert Jacobs who had previously led a team photographing early US nuclear missiles, made the jaw-dropping statement: "I was part of a US Air Force cover-up."

Dr Jacobs explained that in the early 1960s he had led a team who was tasked with the job of making detailed recordings of missile launches, he did this, as in his own words, "in those days a lot of missiles blew up on the launchpad", the high-resolution footage him and his team used to capture, would help the scientists in attempting to work out why such failings had happened.

He spoke about how, on September 14th, 1964, he was using an ultra-high resolution film camera to record footage of a missile that was fitted with a radar chaff dispenser to throw potential Soviet defences off-target.

It wasn't until the following day that Dr Robert Jacobs claims he was called into the office of Major Florenze J Mansmann, where he was also greeted by three other men, all wearing grey suits, who he believes were from the CIA.

He said: “Major Mansmann said lieutenant, sit down and watch this. He turned the projector on and the most amazing thing happened.”

Dr Jacobs continued: “We could see the bottom three stages of that rocket filling the frame from 160 miles away.”

“It was amazing, the clarity was beautiful and we watched it go through all three stages of powered flight.”

“The nose cone opened up and radar chaff, aluminium foil, spread out.

“We were testing to see if we could launch a nuclear warhead into orbit, slightly above the nuclear chaff, so the Russians would aim their anti-missile missiles at the chaff, and our little warhead would fly over and obliterate Moscow.

“That was the game we were playing. Horrifying to think about it in retrospect.”

But suddenly, from in the frame, he claimed they saw an object following the test missile, which was traveling at 8,000mph.

The UFO was said to have homed in and fired four beams at the warhead.

Dr Jacobs said: “Then it flew out of the frame the same way it had come in. At that point, the warhead tumbled out of space.”

Robert Jacobs UFO Sighting
Ex-First lieutenant in USAF Robert Jacobs, pictured middle bottom row, with his crew.

Firstly, Jacob's was asked if he had been playing a joke on his air force bosses. When he confirmed that he wasn't he was asked exactly what he believed was captured in the film.

"Looks like a UFO," Jacobs said.

Major Mansmann answered him with, "you are never to say that again, as far as you're concerned that never happened."

Dr Jacobs said: “He escorted me to his door and said I don’t need to remind you of the seriousness of the security breach. I said no sir.”

“But as I left, he leaned over to speak in my ear, as if to say something the guys in the suits couldn’t hear.”

“He said ‘lieutenant if you were ever tortured in the future, somebody has you up against the wall and they’re frying your privates with fire, you can tell them this, it was laser tracking.”

“But we never had laser tracking in 1964.”

Robert Jacobs UFO Cover Up
Major Florenze J. Mansmann ordered him never to speak of what he had seen ever again

For around 17 years, Robert Jacobs had kept the extraordinary footage that he captured near Big Sur, in California a secret.

Eventually, Jacobs spoke about the incident that occurred in 1964 on a late-night radio show. His claims were picked up by a tabloid newspaper, and not long afterwards he started to receive a number of menacing phone calls before an explosive device was detonated in his front garden, Jacobs believes this was a firm warning to him that he needs "to keep his mouth shut."

Robert Jacobs said, the footage is the "most important event in the history of mankind, and cannot be kept a secret."

He added: “What we are here today to tell you, is this is a real event that is the most important event in the history of mankind. We are not alone.”

We will be following this story closely and will update you with any news that we can find, we would love to hear your opinions on this claim made by Dr Robert Jacobs in the comments section below.

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