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Coward Driver Who Left His Friend To Die After Causing "Horrific" Car Crash Is Jailed

33-year-old Ross Cooney has been jailed at Northampton Crown Court after he left his friend to die in a mangled car after a crash he had caused by driving recklessly through residential areas in Corby.

Ross Cooney, 33, has been jailed for nine years for causing the death of his friend Kelly Meeks
Ross Cooney, 33, has been jailed for nine years for causing the death of his friend Kelly Meek

Cooney crashed into a Mercedes CLK convertible after he veered onto the wrong side of the road in a residential area while stupidly attempting to overtake other cars.

The reckless driver managed to crawl out of his destroyed Ford Mondeo, but the "coward" driver abandoned his severely injured friend, 45-year-old Kelly Meek, who was left in the backseat.

Emergency services rushed to the scene at Dunedin Road, Corby, at around 10am on September 10, 2019, after reports from local residents.

The 57-year-old driver of the Mercedes suffered serious injuries and Ms Meek was pronounced dead at the scene.

Northampton police caught up with Cooney a few hours later and charged him with causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving.

Cooney was sentenced to nine years in prison today at Northampton Crown Court - He was also disqualified from driving for 10 years.

Detective Constable Janette Maitland said: "No sentence will ever make up for the death of Kelly Meek and the injuries caused to the driver of the Mercedes.

"But I am pleased that Cooney has been found guilty and sent to prison for his crimes.

"Not only did he drive incredibly dangerously on that day in 2019, and cause a horrific collision, but shockingly he ran away, leaving two women with serious injuries behind.

"One of them - Kelly, was supposed to be his friend, but instead of helping and getting her medical attention, he coldly left her as he fled the scene".


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