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Russia Says It Is Investigating Reports Of The British SAS Operating In Ukraine

Russia has stated that it has tasked a top investigative body to look into the reports of whether the British SAS are "organising sabotage" in Ukraine.

British SAS in Ukraine
Moscow says it is investing claims that British SAS are operating in Ukraine

Moscow's main federal investigating authority - The Investigative Committee - has said that it is carrying out an investigation following up on a report from Russia's RIA Novosti news agency.

RIA quoted a Russian security source as saying approximately 20 members of the British SAS had been deployed in the western Lviv region of Ukraine, close to the border with Poland.

The Investigative Committee said that it would look into whether, as stated in the report, the SAS had been sent in to "assist the Ukrainian special services in organising sabotage on the territory of Ukraine."

The possible presence of special forces being involved in the conflict from a NATO country is significant. Moscow has previously warned the West not to get in the way of what they describe as its "special military operation".

Information about the whereabouts of the British Special Air Service (SAS) is often highly classified and kept away from public knowledge.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said: "We do not comment on special forces."

A British defence source said: "We don't comment on stories around special forces. especially ones that are being pushed out by the Russian news agencies, because inaccurate speculation can put people's lives at risk, which is why we neither confirm nor deny reports."

A week before the invasion of Ukraine, the British government said that it had pulled out all of its troops from the country, except those involved in protecting its ambassador.

More than 20 soldiers from Ukraine arrived in the UK last week for training on how to operate the 120 armoured vehicles that are being sent to assist in the conflict against Russia.

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