Russia Has Stopped Gas Flowing To Finland In Latest Escalation Of Pay Disputes

Russia's Gazprom has shut off the flow of gas to Finland over the country's refusal to pay for it in Russian roubles. Finland has said they were prepared for Russia's actions and can manage without their gas.

Russia has stopped gas being exported to Finland after they refuse to pay in roubles
Russia has stopped gas being exported to Finland after they refuse to pay in roubles

On Saturday Russia's Gazprom has stopped gas exports to neighbouring Finland, the latest escalation of the dispute regarding payments, the Finnish gas system operator confirmed.

Russia has demanded that due to the sanctions imposed on Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine, all European countries must pay for Russian gas in roubles, but Finland has refused to do so.

Gasgrid Finland said, "Gas imports through Imatra entry point have been stopped."

Imatra is the entry point for Russian gas into Finland.

Gasum, the Finnish state-owned gas wholesaler, said on Friday that Gazprom had stated that gas exports would be stopped from 0400 GMT on Saturday morning.

Gasum confirmed this morning that the flow had been stopped.

A spokesperson for Gasum said: "Natural gas supplies to Finland under Gasum's supply contract have been cut off,

"Starting from today, during the upcoming summer season, Gasum will supply natural gas to its customers from other sources through the Balticconnector pipeline."

The Balticconnecor links Finland to neighbouring Estonia's gas grid.

The majority of gas used in Finland comes from Russia but gas only accounts for approximately 5% of the country's annual energy consumption.

Finland has said that they were prepared for a shutdown of Russian gas flow and that the country will manage without.

"The Finnish gas system is in balance both physically and commercially," Gasgrid said.

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