Russia's Foreign Intelligence Director Sergei Naryshkin Claims The West Is Trying To "Cancel" Russia

Sergei Naryshkin, Russia's foreign intelligence director has claimed that the west is attempting to "cancel" his country following the sanctions imposed on Russia by world leaders following their invasion of Ukraine.

Sergei Naryshkin Speech Today
Russian foreign intelligence director claims the west is trying to 'cancel' Russia

Naryshkin said, "The masks have been dropped. The west is not just trying to surround Russia with a new Iron Curtain, we are talking about attempts to destroy our state - its cancellation."

Naryshkin's recent comments were published on the SVR website (Russian's intelligence agency) and then on the Russian site RIA Novosti.

He also added, "Western politicians and commentators like to call what is happening a 'new Cold War', it seems that historical parallels are not entirely appropriate here. If only because in the second half of the 20th century, Russia fought with the West on the distant approaches, and now the war has come to the very borders of our Motherland."

"So for us, it is definitely not 'cold', but quite 'hot', he also added.

These comments came as Russia faces increasing economic sanctions from countries in the west. The EU, US, and the UK have all banned top Russian banks from the Swift payment system, Russians have been struggling to get cash out of ATM's, and the rouble has plummeted.

The US has now joined with Canada and Europe in closing its airspace to Russian airlines.

The UK, EU, and the US have also limited the ability of Russia's central bank to draw on more than $600bn in foreign currency reserves.

Over the last nine days, the invasion of Ukraine by the Russians has resulted in over a million people fleeing the country, in what has been described as the swiftest exodus of the last century.

So far the loss of life has been huge, with the Russian military taking the biggest losses, take a look at these videos showing the fate of many invading soldiers. Russian Military Leave The Bodies Of Their Dead Soldiers Littering The Streets Of Ukraine *GRAPHIC*

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