Russian Cannibal Killer Is Arrested When Headless Corpse Rolls Out Of His Car

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Russian, 23-year-old Yegor Komarov was arrested by police after a headless corpse rolled out of his car, before telling the authorities that he fried another victim's tongue in butter but was not keen on how his veins tasted.

Yegor Kovarov Russian Cannibal Killer
23-year-old Yegor Komarov was arrested after a headless corpse fell from this car

23-year-old Yegor Komarov was arrested in northern Russia after a headless body rolled out of the boot of his car and has later confessed to being a cannibal.

Komarov crashed his Mitsubishi car into a safety barrier in Sortavala, a town in northern Russia when the headless, decapitated corpse fell out.

The headless body is believed to be a 50-year-old businessman from St Petersburg, as well as the body, the police also found rope, sacks, and spades in the boot of the car.

After the crash Komarov along with two other men fled into the nearby woods, the dead man with his severed head was left laying out on the road for everyone to see.

Authorities have said that the murdered businessman was killed during an argument with the suspects, who had planned to bury his body in the forest.

Whilst being questioned, Komarov made the horrifying statement: "In general, I like killing people".

23-year-old Komarov also confessed to stabbing a 38-year-old man to death in a park in St Petersburg last year because he wanted to taste human flesh.

Whilst describing what had happened in this previous attack, Komarov said: ''When he died, I gutted his neck and tasted the blood and meat".

"But the meat was difficult to cut, as the knife was blunt, and I did not like the taste of his veins".

Russian Cannibal Killer
Komarov crashed his Mitsubishi into a road safety barrier in Sortavala

He described how before disposing of the victim's body in a drainage pipe, he had sliced off the man's tongue, took it home, and cooked it in butter

Komarov said: "I tried it, but I didn't like it, I would probably have liked another part of the body".

The disturbed 23-year-old cannibal killer even told authorities to make sure his handcuffs were tight to ensure he didn't "bite them".

Media sources in Russia have reported that Komarov was born in St Petersburg and had been living with his parents and grandmother in a communal apartment.

According to Komarov's social media account, Russian networking service VKontakte, he was interested in 'anarcho-primitivism' and the 'elixirs of immortality, and psychedelic music.

The second detainee has been named as Yan Shchepanovsky, who is said to come from Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, and lived with the third detainee, who was driving the car.

This is an ongoing case and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Now you have read about Yegor Komarov, Russian Cannibal Killer, check out the news story on the Florida man charged for murder 25-years after the crime.


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