Russian Military Leave The Bodies Of Their Dead Soldiers Littering The Streets Of Ukraine *GRAPHIC*

A collection of videos recorded by Ukrainian soldiers and locals showing the fate of the many invading Russian occupants in Ukraine. Russia is attempting to hide these videos from its own country in a bid to keep its pro-war propaganda going.

Graphic Videos - War In Ukraine
A collection of graphic videos showing the reality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT - These videos are the real situation on the ground in Ukraine and are the result of Vladimir Putin, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Bodies Of Russian Soldiers Are Left To Rot In Ukraine

More Russian Soldiers Killed By The Defending Ukrainians

Video Showing The Innocent Civilian Victims Of The Russian Invasion

These videos are difficult to watch but they are a true indication as to the horrors of war, the horrors that are unnecessary and unacceptable, the same horrors that the Russian government is trying to suppress from public view.

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