Serial Killers who have never been caught: Murderer's that are still on the loose

The term "Serial Killer" is somewhat of a frightening term in itself, however, what makes these cases even more terrifying is that these serial killers are still at large and could literally be anywhere.

Serial killers who have never been caught
Some of the victims of serial killers who have never been caught

Serial killers are constantly talked about throughout the world, for their various heinous crimes and acts of violence, however, many people do not realise that all serial killers are not either dead or behind bars, some still walk the streets to this day. Here is just a short look at some of the known serial killers that are still at large in 2021.

The Long Island Serial Killer

Long Island Serial Killer
The mystery of the Long Island Serial Killer

A New York serial killer who carried out his gruesome campaign of murder between 1996 and 2010, killing at least ten people that have been confirmed, however, there could easily be more that we are not yet aware of.

Whilst local police searched for a missing sex worker, named Shannan Gilbert at Gilgo Beach they quickly realised that they may have stumbled across a dumping area for the victims of a serial killer.

Initially, the police uncovered four bodies at Gilgo Beach before extending their search, then discovering a further six bodies.

Out of the ten bodies that were found, eight of them were women who all worked as escorts and all used Craigslist to advertise their services.

Another one of the bodies was that of a small toddler, who was later to be confirmed as the daughter of the other victims.

The last discovered body was that of a cross-dressing male, this added further mystery to the killer's potential motives.

The police quickly identified several suspects in the case but none of them had any conclusive ties to the victims involved.

To this day no one has been caught for these murders, nor do we have a name of a potential suspect, the mystery of the Long Island Serial Killer lives on.

Jeff Davis 8 Killers

The Jeff Davies 8 Murders
The investigation into the murders of the Jeff Davis 8 never identified a legitimate suspect

The controversial investigation into the Jeff Davis 8 murders never named a legitimate suspect, however, it did lead to a lot of allegations and accusations of misconduct against the Louisiana Police. Adding fuel to the fire and provoking a backlash from the public towards the police department an investigative reporter stated that the person responsible for these murders were most likely to be a part of law enforcement.

The potential of this isn't that unbelievable when you look into the victim's history.

One thing that stood out with this case is that if the rumours are true, the murder or murder's could have potentially been tasked with investing their own crimes, making it an especially disturbing case.

The West Mesa Bone Collector

A woman who was out walking her dog in February 2009, on a mesa near Albuquerque, New Mexico, made a grim discovery that she believed was that of human bones. The police soon arrived to investigate and to the shock of everyone, it was discovered that the remains of even women were laid along the same area of land.

The remains were all identified as women between the ages of 15 and 32 and were all involved within the sex trade. Most of them were Hispanic, one of the women was even pregnant at the time of her murder.

The case still remains unsolved, however, police do have two major suspects in the murders. One of the suspects is currently in prison on an unrelated issue and the other suspect is dead.

Lorenzo Montoya lived in a trailer a few miles from where the victims were found but was killed in 2006 by a sex worker (and most likely his next victim).

Joseph Blea was a known rapist in the area, and when police invaded his home, they found a stash of women’s jewellery and underwear.

Unfortunately, police haven’t been able to confirm a definite link between either suspect and the West Mesa bodies. The case is still open today.

Brazil's Rainbow Maniac

Brazilian Rainbow Maniac killer
The Brazilian Rainbow Maniac murdered at least 13 gay men over an 18 month period

The Rainbow Maniac was a serial killer in Carapicuiba, Brazil who's target was only gay men. In a killing spree spanning 18 months between 2007 and 2008, the Rainbow Maniac murdered 13 people, all of his victims were killed in Paturis Park, whilst their bodies were dumped in nearby woodland, all with their pants pulled down around their ankles.

Most of his victims he killed with an execution-style tone to them, with bullets straight to the head apart from one man who he beat to death.

Sao Paulo, where Carapicuiba is located, at the time of the killings, was an extremely hostile and outspoken area against homosexuality.

There is heavy speculation that the person who is responsible for these murders was an angry homophone who was trying to exterminate anyone within the gay community. A suspect was arrested in 2011 and the case was sent to trial, however, the man arrested was found not guilty and the accused was released.

To this day we are none the wise as to who the Rainbow Maniac is, one thing we do know is that he is still free.

Ibadan Forest Serial Killers

Who killed everyone in the Ibadan Forest of Horror
Ibadan Forest of Horror murder victims

This is a story of actual nightmares, in Nigeria, there is a place known locally as the Ibadan Forest of Horror. In 2014 a motorcyclist made his way into Soka forest in Ibadan, Oyo State and what he found was something out of a real-life horror movie.

He discovered was a small settlement of decrepit and run-down buildings with over twenty rotting corpses with severed human skulls.

Even more disturbing than that, inside there were ten people, still alive and chained to what has been described as slaughter benches. In some of the buildings, there were clothes, footwear and passports littered around, the Nigerian police attempted to track down the owners of the passports but have been unable to locate any of them.

It has never been confirmed who is actually responsible for the horrors that occurred in the Soka forest, but rumours have said the place was used by religious zealots to carry out ritual sacrifices and cannibalism. Nigeria is a country that is known for its strong religious views and in some parts, cannibalism has deep roots within the community.

Following this horrifying discovery, many Nigerians who had missing friends and family have gone to the area in search of their loved ones.

The Smiley Face Killers

Smiley Face Killers Real or not
Fact or fiction? The Smiley Face Killers is a story of mixed opinion

The Smiley Face Killers story has mixed opinions as to the legitimacy of the case or whether it is just a case of unfortunate incidents that have all been linked together.

In a 20-year span, there have been 45 college-aged males who have drowned whilst under the influence.

These deaths occurred across 11 different states, however, detectives believe that the deaths are actually the work of a serial killer or a group of serial killers, dubbed the Smile Face Murder Theory.

Detectives working on the cases made a claim that smiley faces have been found close to where at least twelve of the men had drowned.

It is said that these male victims are abducted, murdered and then the bodies are disposed of in water to give the impression of accidental drowning.

Connecting all these murders together is somewhat difficult, however, they do have some similar things in common. Firstly, date-rape drugs were found in the systems of some of the victims, a high enough amount to ensure they were completely unconscious. The profiling of the victims is also very similar in each case - white, male, athletic, popular and successful.

Multiple cases also confirmed that many of the victim's bodies seemed as though they had been preserved, stating that the condition the bodies had been discovered it would not fit that of a victim who had been in the water for the amount of time that they had been reported missing.

Monster Of The Andes - Pedro Lopez

Where is Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez was convicted of the murder of 110 girls but confessed to over 300 and is now back a free man

Born in Columbia in 1948, Pedro Lopez was the son of a prostitute who was forced to watch his mother partaking in extreme sexual acts. He was often molested as a child and went on to claim these events created the base for his future psyche.

In the early 1970s, Lopez had begun to rape and kill young girls all across South America.

In 1980, Lopez attempted to abduct a girl but was caught in the act by locals who captured him and handed him over to the police in Peru. In Peruvian custody, Lopez started to tell officials his life story, including that of being captured by a local tribe and sentenced to death for murdering a young girl. He went onto claim that he'd killed around three girls a week for two years, putting his total number of victims to an apparent 300.

Lopez then led the police to a mass grave site where he had buried 53 of his victims.

It is reported that in 1994 he was transferred from prison to a mental home, he was only held here for three years before being set free.

Following his somewhat unbelievable release, given the fact he had one of the highest body counts in the history of the world, he is said to have gone on and committed a further murder in 2002, however, no one has been able to trace his whereabouts since 1998.

The Vending Machine Killer (Paraquat Murders)

The Vending machine killer
The toxin of choice for the Vending Machine Killer was Paraquat, a herbicide poison with a torturous kick

Japan has always been known for their infatuation with vending machines. Five million vending machines are spread across the country, equating to one vending machine per every 23 people in Japan. In 1985, between April and November in Hiroshima, 12 people died as a result of paraquat poisoning whilst a further 35 were seriously ill.

Japanese authorities looking into the circumstances surrounding the poisonings found that most of the victims had one thing in coming: they had all recently consumed the drink Oronamin C.

During this time the company behind Oronamin C had launched a marketing campaign offering free bottles of the drink from vending machines when someone made a purchase.

In Japanese culture, sometimes people will place the Oronamin C drink on top of the vending machine for someone else to take if they didn’t want it themselves.

Police soon pieced things together and found that someone had been lacing these Oronamin C drinks with paraquat and placing them back on top of the vending machine.

It was almost impossible for the police to track down the person responsible since it was difficult to narrow down where a person had originally picked up the drink. Most of the vending machines responsible were in quiet back streets with no CCTV around.

The person who carried out the poisonings was never found.

The Maniac With Dull Eyes (The Danilovsky Maniac)

Russian Serial Killer
The Danilovsky Maniac (also known as The Maniac with Dull Eyes), is an unidentified Russian serial killer

The Maniac with Dull Eyes, also known as the Danilovsky Maniac, was a Russian serial killer who was responsible for at least seven murders between 2004 and 2007.

The killings, which occurred in Cherepovets, Vologda Oblast, Russia, involved the discovery of bodies in various construction sites and abandoned buildings. All of the Maniac's victims were women aged between 17-31 and had all been raped before being murdered.

He left a calling card after each of the killings, pornographic drawings on the walls near where every victim's body was found.

Police in Russia quickly established that there was a serial killer on the loose and also linked the Maniac with a number of murders dating back as far as 1999.

He is also suspected of the murder of another young woman in 2010. The Russian authorities claim that they believe he is responsible for at least 17 murders. The Danilovsky Maniac has never been caught and most likely still remains out there today.


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