Sleepy Somerset Villages In Fear As Latex Clad Pervert "Gimp Man" Returns To Ambush Couple

Yatton and Claverham in Somerset, England, have been tormented by a sex pest dressed in a full latex gimp suit since 2018. The unidentified man is known locally as "Gimp Man" and has apparently returned.

A picture taken of "Gimp Man" in 2019 by one of his victims
A picture taken of "Gimp Man" in 2019 by one of his victims

A somewhat unusual man dressed head-to-toe in a full latex gimp suit has reappeared in Somerset, England.

The locals of Claverham and Yatton have been plagued by the latex-clad sex pest since 2018, who appears late at night stalking the villagers.

Local police have arrested two people in the past in connection with the case, but they have never managed to find the culprit who is known locally as "Gimp Man."

It would now appear that the sinister latex wearer has returned and claimed another victim.

19-year-old Kiera Elston was walking home with her boyfriend after taking a taxi back to Yatton at approximately 1am on Sunday when "Gimp Man" emerged from the shadows, arms outstretched, and began to follow them.

Kiera was alerted to the man's presence when her boyfriend shouted to her, "Keira, there's a man", as they approached a roundabout. Kiera said that "by the time we saw him he was very close and my boyfriend just told me to run." Kiera described the incident as "the most terrifying experience of my life, I've got the image in my head of him walking towards me staring."

She added: "I dread to think what would have happened if I'd been on my own. I'm still really shaken up by it."

Keira's encounter is the 16th time the shadowy pervert has been reported to police in the area, however, authorities appear to be no closer to finding out his identity.

Steve Elston, Kiera's father, put an appeal out on Facebook for assistance in finding the man, saying that he was "on the hunt for him".

Mr Elston said: "Last night my daughter and her boyfriend were approached by gimp man at around 1am at the top of Claverham Road where it meets Yatton High Street. "Could you pm me if you have any suspicions as to who he is. Also could people in that area check their doorbell footage please. "Kiera was absolutely terrified. She contacted the police who didn't even come round to take a statement. So I'll be on the hunt for him myself."

Gimp Man was last seen in 2021 by a couple who saw the latex-clad man lying down in their garden watching them through the doors while they were watching TV, the couple chased him away. On another occasion, in 2019, he was spotted by a woman called Abi who claimed a man wearing a "full black rubbery" outfit started "grunting and breathing heavily" before charging at her. She managed to take a picture of the attacker as he approached, she said: "My heart felt like I was running a marathon, there was an instant feeling of panic, anxiety, and anger, which took me over a year of private counseling and medication to control."

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