Spanish Judge Gives Unexpected Ruling In Euthanasia Case For Gunman Awaiting Trial

A disgruntled security guard who was fired from his job, and then gunned down his boss and two colleagues before shooting and seriously injuring two police officers may escape justice after a judge has given him the green light to proceed with a euthanasia request.

Marin Eugen Sabau was due to face trial next Monday for the shooting
Marin Eugen Sabau was due to face trial next Monday for the shooting

In an unexpected turn of events, a Spanish judge approved the request from a gunman who was severely injured during his capture to proceed with his euthanasia request before his trial.

The ruling was made on July 8 after the judge said that the law does not allow the court to intervene in a euthanasia case, regardless of if the person is in prison or awaiting trial.

46-year-old Marin Eugen Sabua shot his former boss and two colleagues as well as seriously wounded two police officers.

During the shootout with police, Sabau was struck in the spine, causing him severe injuries.

The judge in Tarragona who dealt with Sabau's case said that the law does not regulate "specifically euthanasia applied to people who are in a provisional prison situation or subject to a judicial procedure of any kind.

"Exclusions are only foreseen in case of minors or people who do not have the capacity to decide."

The case of Sabau now lies in the hands of the Guarantee and Evaluation Commission, a body of the Generalitat made up of jurists and doctors who give the final ruling of euthanasia requests.

Marin Eugen Sabua is due to appear in court next Monday, however, if the suicide request is granted he would likely have died before having to stand trial. This would result in a mass shooting case against the suspect left open and without resolution.

The solicitor acting on behalf of the victims, José Antonio Bitos, argued that: "An alleged murderer cannot avoid trial or conviction through euthanasia."

Although the judge said that she "understands the distress of the victims", however, the right to a dignified death prevails.

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