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Steven Hurry: Arizona Man Arrested On Sex Trafficking Charges

Police arrested a man in Scottsdale, Arizona on numerous charges relating to sex trafficking, sexual assault, and rape after a neighbour sensed something was "off" during a heated argument between the suspect and the alleged victim.

Steven Hurry (pictured) has been charged with various offences relating to sex trafficking.
Steven Hurry (pictured) has been charged with various offences relating to sex trafficking.

Scottsdale Police said that Steven Hurry was arguing outside his home with the female victim when a neighbour watching the altercation thought something was "off" and called 911.

When police arrived at the scene, the woman revealed to them that she had been a victim of sex trafficking at the hands of Hurry.

Hurry was arrested and booked into jail on charges of sex trafficking, pandering, sexual abuse, aggravated assault, assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage.

Court documents revealed that Hurry had been living with the victim since May. Initially, they lived in California where she began working as a housekeeper, until Hurry requested that she left with him for Arizona on May 25, to "make some money".

The pair stayed in Tucson first, where police allege that Hurry convinced the woman to allow him to take photographs of her for an advert he was going to create in which he intended on offering her to other men to perform sex acts for money.

Scottsdale Police said in the court documents: "She described making $700 the first time for sexual intercourse in 20 minutes with an unknown male subject, and the defendant took the entire $700. After this, the defendant collected the victim's birth certificate, social security card, and other forms of ID and credentials and secured them in a box." The victim allegedly was never allowed access to the box.

Authorities claim that Hurry forced the victim to have sex with men for money while they were still in Tucson, and if she failed to put the cash where he wanted, or it was short of the amount he expected, he would beat her.

In late November, Hurry and the woman moved to Scottsdale and resided at the Rodeway Inn.

The couple resided in the Rodeway Inn, Scottsdale, in late November.
The couple resided in the Rodeway Inn, Scottsdale, in late November.

Police said: "The defendant created and posted ads containing the victim's photographs and advertising sex in the exchange for money, which included $350 per hour for full sex or a quick visit, 15 minutes, for $120."

Authorities added that Hurry recorded the sexual encounters that would occur about four to six times a week and saved them on a hard drive.

Hurry then moved with the victim to an Airbnb in Scottsdale.

On December 26, police say Hurry was having troubles with his vehicle and needed money to fix it. The victim allegedly told him that she "couldn't take anymore," and would not continue being sold for sex and told him she wanted to leave.

The same day, the woman had not counted the money she was paid by a "customer," this allegedly enraged Hurry who confronted her in the kitchen. The pair started yelling loudly at each other, which caught the attention of the neighbour who called the police.

Before police arrived at the property, Hurry is accused of grabbing the woman, pushing her up against the refrigerator, and lifting her up. The victim never lost consciousness, but recalled how she was struggling to breathe. She said she had to perform a sex act on Hurry to get him to stop.

Hurry had left to fix his car by the time police arrived, however, he was quickly located nearby. He confessed to officers that a heated argument had occurred, but denied any form of abuse and refused to answer questions about sex trafficking.

A nurse documented signs of physical abuse on the victim and Hurry was arrested by Scottsdale police, who also seized his phone.

The woman told police that Hurry had raped her on Christmas Day. She told them that she wanted to leave but Hurry was in control of all her money and her documents.

Scottsdale Police say they discovered text messages between the victim and Hurry where he would set up "dates" with men for money, including time, sex act, and the amount of money she needed to collect.

Authorities said: "A written document laying out the details between master and slave was located in the defendant's computer bag. The document was not signed but the victim later advised she sent him a contact via email because she had her location services turned off on her phone and he became extremely angry."

They added: "Also in the computer bag was a copy of the victim's marriage license. She had no idea how he had the information or got the document."

Officers found a USB at the Airbnb that included the recordings taken by Hurry of the sexual encounters between the victim and the "customers".

Police said: "The state is requesting the defendant be held on a £150,000 bond. The defendant inflicted physical, and mental harm, and forced the victim to engage in sex acts for monetary gain."

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