Swedish Politicians Call For Rapists & Paedophiles To Be Chemically Castrated Before Being Released

Sweden's Christian Democrat Party has called for rapists and sex offenders to be chemically castrated before being released from prison in a renewed appeal for punishment to fit the crime.

The Swedish Democrats have called for rapists and paedophiles to be chemically castrated before release
The Swedish Democrats have called for rapists and paedophiles to be chemically castrated before release

The call made by the Christian Democrats (KD) on July 1 is not the first time they have made the call but it is the first time it has been proposed in parliament. Ebba Busch, party leader, said during the proposal: "Every day, 27 rapes are reported. How many days must pass before the government takes action?"

Similar calls were made by members of KD in 2017 when Andreas Carlson, the party's legal spokesperson stimulated debate with an article in Expressen. In the article, he suggested that it should be investigated as a requirement for conditional release and that the quantity discount must be removed and the penalties against sex offenders increased.

KD presented this idea some twenty years ago under the former party leader Alf Svensson, who put forward the idea of chemical castration of paedophiles and rapists. At the time it was first suggested it was not discussed in parliament as all other parties rejected the idea.

Among the various changes, the KD is proposing they have requested the abolition of "automatic conditional release" and instead, a life sentence be introduced for aggravated rape of a child and an increase in the sentencing rules for aggravated rape of those between 10 and 25 years of age.

KD proposes establishing a national knowledge centre for sexual violence. The centre would "be able to administer chemical castration on a voluntary basis to those who are worried about unwanted sexual thoughts and impulses and have a compulsive sexuality."

The idea of chemically castrating rapists prior to their release is a topic that has been discussed by many countries across the world, however, until recently it has received very little support globally.

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