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Taylor Schabusiness: Woman Accused Of Decapitating Man Attacks Her Lawyer In Court

A woman charged with murder, mutilating a corpse, and sexual assault relating to the killing of Wisconsin man Shad Thyrion last year attacked her own lawyer in court on Tuesday.

Taylor Schabusiness, 25, launched the assault on her attorney in court on Tuesday.
Taylor Schabusiness, 25, launched the assault on her attorney in court on Tuesday.

25-year-old Taylor Schabusiness attacked Quinn Jolly, her own attorney, in Brown County circuit court almost immediately after he asked the judge for an extra two weeks for a defence expert to review his client's competency to stand trial.

Schabusiness attacked Mr Jolly as Judge Thomas Walsh agreed to postpone her March 6 trial. She had to be restrained by a deputy and wrestled to the floor of the courtroom.

The courtroom was then cleared before the hearing was allowed to continue.

Taylor Schabusiness is charged with first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault over the killing of 25-year-old Shad Thyrion, in February 2022.

Schabusiness is accused of strangling Mr Thyrion at a property in Green Bay before sexually abusing him, dismembering his body, and leaving parts of him scattered throughout the house and in a vehicle.

She is being held on a $2 million cash bond and has pleaded not guilty to all charges by reason of mental disease or defect.

Following the courtroom attack, judge Walsh moved her competency hearing from Tuesday to March 6. A trial date of May 15 was also proposed.

After the hearing was finished, Mr Jolly told the court he would file a motion to withdraw from the case as the defendant's attorney, however, the judge did not immediately rule on that.

Schabusiness was arrested last year, following the grim discovery of Mr Thyrion's severed head in a bucket, it was found by the victim's mother.

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