Texas Man And His 14-Year-Old Son Are Charged With Capital Murder After Three Teens Are Shot Dead

The father is in police custody whilst a manhunt is underway to find 14-year-old Abel Elias Acosta who is suspected of firing the shots that killed the three teenagers at a Texaco in Garland on Boxing Day.

Garland shooting
Richard Acosta, 33 (left), Abel Elias Acosta, 14 (top right)

A father from Texas has been charged with capital murder after driving his 14-year-old son to a store where he is suspected of killing three people is pictured with a broad smile and no remorse for his actions in a mugshot that has recently been released by police.

Richard Acosta, 33, is currently being held on a $1 million bond whilst police continue the manhunt for his son Abel Elia Acosta, 14, who is suspected of shooting dead three teenagers and injuring a fourth at a Texaco in Garland on December 26.

The father, who was initially believed to be the getaway driver, handed himself into Garland Police Department and confessed that he did drive his son to the store.

Lt. Pedro Barineau from Garland Police Department said, "Everything in our investigation shows that he had knowledge of everything going on, the fact that he drove away quickly, he knew, which is also why he's being charged with capital murder."

14-year-old Abel Elias Acosta is considered to be armed and dangerous, the manhunt is still ongoing in and around the town of Garland, located about 30 miles northeast of Dallas.

Garland Triple Shooting
Garland Police Department released this photo of the truck driven by Richard Acostatruck driven by

Abel is accused of shooting dead Xavier Gonzalez, 14, Rafael Garcia, 17, and Ivan Noyala, 16, and injuring another 15-year old. After getting out of his father's white pickup truck, he opened the door to Texaco and fired off around 20 rounds at the victims.

CCTV footage captured the shirtless young teen making his way to the entrance of the gas station wearing a baseball hat with his face covered with a surgical mask.

Authorities have said that they believe Garcia and Noyala were the intended targets after Abel had an earlier argument with them.

When he is arrested Abel Elias Acosta will also face capital murder charges.

Abel can be seen ducking and peering through a window into the store before opening fire with a handgun and firing off a barrage of gunshots.

Police said at a news conference that Xavier was ordering food at the time Abel opened fire inside the store, while the other two teenagers had entered the store together.

The aunt of Xavier, Erica Gonzalez, told ABC News, "We sit there and wait for him to come home and we know he's not coming home, we just want justice to be done, we want him to get popped."

Police initially arrested an unidentified 14-year-old boy the day after the murders, but he was released without being charged the same day.

According to the police, the teen remains a person of interest, however, they have confirmed that he was not the shooter.

Abel Elias Acosta has been described by police as a light-skinned Hispanic male with dark hair, brown eyes, approximately 5-foot-5, and weighing around 125 pounds.

Police are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the teenager's arrest, they are asking anyone with knowledge about his current location to call 911 or make an anonymous tip to Garland Crime Stoppers at (972-272-8477)

This is an ongoing case and we will update you as more information is released.


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