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Texas Man Killed By Huge Swarm Of Bees While He Hung Suspended From A Tree In Austin

A Landscaper from Texas has been killed after being attacked by a swarm of bees after accidentally disturbing their hive and kicking away the ladder beneath him.

A Texas landscaper has been killed by a swarm of bees
A Texas landscaper has been killed by a swarm of bees

A Texas landscaper has been killed after he was attacked by a giant swarm of bees as he hung suspended from a tree.

53-year-old Franco Galvan Martinez disturbed a beehive while he was working at a home in Austin, before accidentally kicking away the ladder beneath him, according to his family.

Joe Maldonado, a family friend, and local pastor said: "I guess in panic trying to swat away the bees from himself, he kicked away the ladder

"The hive was so ginormous that it literally covered Franco instantly."

Two of Mr Martinez's colleagues attempted to help the 53-year-old but were also stung by the bees.

Mr Maldonado said that "for over 10 minutes, all they could do was endure hearing his anguish."

Firefighters who attended the scene used their hoses to blast away the insects so they could reach Mr Martinez, who at this point was swarmed in bees.

At the time of the incident, Martinez was working as a landscaper for Bill Biggadike & Associates, based in New Braunfels, Texas

The company has confirmed that one of its employees has died, but has made no further comment.

Officials said that the incident has been passed to the Austin Code Department who have sent an inspector to the property where the tragedy occurred.

Mike Lopez, a professional beehive remover told KXAN that in the case of an attack you have to keep moving and attempt to get into a vehicle or a property.

Mr Lopez said: "under no circumstances do you stop moving."

He explained that after a bee stings someone they release alarm pheromones that signal other bees to join the attack.

He added: "Once you have one, then you'll have two, then you'll have 16, and it will keep on until you have thousands on you."

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