The 1969 Berkshire UFO Incident: The paranormal encounter that shocked an entire town

When over 40 residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts all claimed to have seen a UFO on September, 1st, 1969, authorities struggled to put together an explanation. This was no lone sighting that could be passed off as being over imaginative, the evidence truly points to something much more sinister.

Berkshires UFO Incident
Around 40 witnesses claim to have seen the Berkshire UFO in 1969

September, 1st, 1969, floating above Sheffield in the Southern Berkshires, local residents spotted bright lights in the sky. The witnesses said that not only did they see the lights, they saw a disc-shaped craft that appeared to manoeuvre in unprecedented ways. Some of the witnesses even went as far as saying that they lost track of time as they stared at the unidentified object above them.

A young nine-year-old boy at the time, Thomas Reed, was in the car with his mother, brother and grandmother whilst the entire family witnessed a group of bright, glowing orbs fly out of the trees by the roadside. Reed since recollected the events of that evening, he said: “It came to a stop off the right side of the road,” he recalled of the glowing orbs. “Everything got really calm. It was like being in the middle of a hurricane. There was like a barometric change in pressure. It was just like a dead silence. Then there was an eruption of crickets and frogs and it got really loud and that was it.”

The family claim to have suddenly lost two hours worth of memory. Stranger still, Reed's mother and grandmother had apparently somehow switched car seats during the two hour gap.

Going against all the sceptics, Thomas Reed has always remained steadfast in his account of what happened that evening. He has said that over time his family started to regain some memory of what happened, including having been in some form of hanger facility amongst other people.

“We encountered something,” said Reed. “It was definitely not of this world…This hangar thing we were in was huge. It was larger than a football field. This hallway we had seen was circular with a Y-configuration almost to control the flow of traffic. This one room had a bowed-in wall that was rounded.”

UFO alien abduction
A monument was erected near the covered bridge in Sheffield, where residents said they saw the UFO.

Although reports like this are often easy to dismiss in your mind, it is important to remember that Reed was only one of approximately forty other people who reported a UFO sighting in the Sheffield area that night. Several adults called the local radio station to report the sighting whilst children began drawing UFOs in their school classes to show what they saw.

“There must have been 20 or 30 sketches that were drawn by children in our 4th grade class from what they saw,” said Reed. “They hung underneath in the class board in Sheffield Center School. More than one of those hang in the Roswell museum today. People don’t realise the significance of this. And so it wasn’t just us.”

One of the most compelling parts of this story is how the local residents, some of which were children at the time of the sightings have stood by their stories for years to come, giving real credibility to what they believe they witnessed. Let us know your opinions on this one in the comments below, don't forget to follow us on Facebook for more stories like this.


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