The Alien Abduction Case Of Air Force Sergeant Charles L Moody

On August 13, 1975, Air Force Sergeant Charles L Moody travelled out into the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico, when he claims that in the middle of the night he was abducted by aliens.

Sergeant Charles L Moody claimed that in 1975 he was abducted by aliens in New Mexico
Sergeant Charles L Moody claimed that in 1975 he was abducted by aliens in New Mexico

It was the middle of the night on August 13, 1975 when Air Force Sergeant, Charles L Moody, who was 32-years-old at the time drove his vehicle out into the desert of Alamogordo, New Mexico at roughly 1:20 am to watch an expected meteor shower.

Expecting to see shooting stars, Moody was somewhat in disbelief when what he actually witnessed was a bright, glowing, saucer-shaped craft that was approximately fifty feet in length and twenty feet wide and landed about seventy feet away from him. Moody also claimed that as he was watching the craft he could hear what he described as a high-pitched humming sound.

He said that he could see that the craft had a rectangular window at the front, in which he believed he saw shadows that resembled that of humans.

Expectedly petrified by what he saw, Sergeant Moody quickly got back into his car and attempted to drive away, but his car would not start. He recalled how at this point he felt his entire body become numb, before witnessing the strange craft suddenly take off and launch itself back into the sky.

Shaken up by his bizarre experience, Moody quickly rushed home to tell his wife what had happened. It wasn't until this point he noticed that it was already gone 3.00 am and he appeared to have lost almost two hours in an incident that felt like it lasted no more than several minutes.

A few days later Moody reported an unusual rash appearing on his lower body.

Moody visited a physician, and acting upon his advice he started to practice self-hypnosis in a bid to remember what had actually happened to him during the lost time.

At first Moody said that this had very little effect on him and didn't bring back any memories, however, he kept it up over the coming days and into the next few weeks, before eventually claiming to have remembered everything that had happened.

He recalled that he was in fact taken onboard this large, unidentified craft. He claimed that he remembered after the numbness moved over his body he saw several "beings" coming from the craft and approaching his car.

Sergeant Charles L Moody said, “The beings were about five feet tall and very much like us except their heads were larger and hairless, their ears were very small, eyes a little larger than ours, nose small and the mouth had very thin lips."

“I would say their weight was maybe between 110–130 pounds. They have speech, but their lips did not move. Their type of clothing was skin-tight. I could not see any zippers or buttons at all. The colour of their clothes was black except for one of them who had a silver-white looking suit on.”

Charles L Moody Alien Abduction Story

Moody went onto claim that the alien that he believed was the leader, asked him telepathically if he was going to behave peacefully, after agreeing to comply the being is said to have touched Moody with a rod-like device on his back which instantly relieved his numb state of paralysis.

After this he claimed to be taken into a white room, that he remembered looking extremely clean with rounded walls an unusual lighting. One of the beings examined him and told him, “I will not hurt you. We are not meant to hurt you.” Moody asked if he could see the engine room. They agreed and took him to a lower level.

Charles L Moody UFO Abduction

He would later describe witnessing a complex looking machine that was made up of long metallic rods and large, "crystal-like spheres."

Moody said how the extra-terrestrial beings had explained to him that the craft operated using the principle of positive and negative magnetic poles.

The beings apparently told Moody that they had a much larger "mother ship," and that they were not the only race of extra-terrestrials that had been visiting Earth. He said that they warned him about the human use of nuclear weaponry and explained that there would be a future meeting with them but it would not be for another twenty years.

To conclude his encounter, Moody recalled how the alien beings said that they would one day reveal their existence to the entire world, before telling him it was time for him to leave and explaining that he wouldn't remember what had happened to him for several days. Charles L Moody was then placed back into his car, where he watched the space craft take off and disappear back into the night sky, his last memory prior to his self hypnosis sessions.

Following on from his experience, it is believed that Moody contacted some well known UFO investigators to discuss his experience, the most notable investigation was carried out by Jim Lorenzen.

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