The Aliens From Andromeda, Missing Children And The New World Order - Alex Collier Interview 1994

Alex Collier who is one of the most well known alien contactees claimed that he had been in contact with extra-terrestrials from the constellation Andromeda. He claimed that their contact consisted of telepathic communications and multiple visits onboard alien spacecrafts, he said that this connection went on for decades.

Alex Collier told the story of how he was mentored by two aliens from Andromeda, he said they were called Moranay and Vissaeus. He also explained how the Andromedans are the descendants of the ancient civilisation of the Lyrans.

Collier talks about how the Andromedans would frequently take him aboard their spaceships, and talks in-depth about his three months spent training on a particularly large extraterrestrial craft.

He has spoken about how the Andromedans taught him about life in the universe, cosmic spirituality and the galactic history of Earth.

Collier claimed that his first encounter with the ET's was back in 1964, however, since 1985, he said he had been in constant communication with them. In 1993, he started attending conferences and seminars, this is where he started sharing the information that had been passed to him by the alien race, the Andromedans.

He said that in 1997 he received a threat from a group of "unknown people" that he needed to stop speaking about his experiences, which he said he took seriously and made the decision not to speak publicly again until 2002.

Throughout various interviews with Alex Collier, he has described how the Earth is under the control of "regressive" alien beings, he said that these aliens came to Earth from the star system that is known as Alpha Draconis.

He said that humans are separated by two different philosophical belief systems, one of them shows control and resource consumption, whilst the other spreads love & free will.

Before retiring from the UFO circuit he gave his last lecture in 2002, Alex Collier told the audience that the ancient alien race that is known as the "Founders" are the ones responsible for building planet's environments and making them suitable for life. He said that both the Andromedans and the Pleiadians knew this ancient alien race as the "Paa Tal."

Collier said that these aliens are that far advanced they are capable of removing moons to alter the planet's position from its sun to control the amount of radiation. He also said that Andromedans could create a solar system.

Collier went onto to explain how the Andromedans are approximately 4,300 - 4,500 years ahead of us when it comes to technology. He says that they don't count the years the same as we do on Earth, but one year is a time when every cell in their body duplicates itself and that this process takes around 34 Earth years.

Collier also made the astonishing statement that humans are made up of 22 different extra-terrestrial races.

Dr Michael E Salla, who is a world renowned scholar in conflict resolution, US foreign policy and international politics, claimed in one his articles that aliens from other planets and civilisations live on Earth in peace, but that the aliens saw humans as a barbarian and savage race that are a threat to others as well as themselves.

In July 2009, Alex Collier wrote in a letter: "Dr. Salla’s efforts to help bring humanity together and see the bigger picture will have a profound effect on humanity positively for decades. And I also feel that Dr. Salla’s honesty is beyond reproach."

Collier has said that there are approximately 135 billion people living on the planets situated in the eight galaxies closest to us. He even claimed that when he was taken to visit one of these planets that is home to alien lifeforms, the people who lived there were scared of seeing someone from Earth because of our terrible reputation. He said in the entire universe, only humans could make their own people slaves and kill them for their own benefit.

In the famous interview above from 1994, Collier said that all human life had originated from the constellation Lyra and explained that aliens from Andromeda were just like humans in almost every way. He described how they were between 4 and 8 feet tall with blue and white skin. In this interview he even discussed missing children, the New World Order, the control by dark forces on world politicians, the existence of Reptilian aliens, our religions and the history of the Universe and Earth.

Alex Collier is fascinating to listen to and his claims are bold, we would love to hear your opinions on him in the comments section below. Now you have watched the interview with Alex Collier, make sure you watch the full length interview with Bob Lazar about Area 51.


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