The Amityville Horror House: The true twisted story behind the legendary haunting

The truth behind the disturbing, twisted story of murder that has led to one of the most iconic haunting stories that has ever been told.

Amityville horror story murder house
112 Ocean Avenue, the home of the Amityville Horror story

A quant-looking house, sat at 112 Ocean Avenue was the scene of the gruesome DeFeo murders prior to the Lutz family claiming to endure a paranormal spell of terror that inspired the Amityville Horror.

In the early hours of November 13th, 1974, this Amityville house in Long Island, New York became far more than your average suburban home, it became a brutal crime scene when Ronald DeFeo Jr, walked the halls of the house with a loaded rifle and murdered both of his parents and four of his siblings whilst they slept.

DeFeo went on to claim that there were voices in his head that told him to kill, many people also believe that he was hearing evil spirits that reside within the house at 112 Ocean Avenue.

Despite the horror that took place with the infamous 1974 murders, numerous different families have moved in and out of the suburban home that is now listed as 108 Ocean Avenue. Ghost hunters and horror fans have also flocked to the house from all over the world.

It is unfortunately a true horror story that unfolded in that house with the gruesome DeFeo murders, however, is it possible that he was really under the control of the evil spirits that live inside the walls of the house?

True story of the Amityville horror house
DeFeo Jr. murdered his family within the walls of the Amityville property

The Amityville Murders:

The night was November 13th, 1974, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr, brutally murdered six of his relatives with a .35 caliber rifle whilst they slept, his parents Louise and Ronald DeFeo and siblings 18-year-old Dawn, 13-year-old Aliison, 12-year-old Marc and nine-year-old John Matthew.

DeFeo confessed to the murders, however, he made an attempt to enter an insanity plea by claiming that he was guided by evil voices within his head to commit the killings and that he couldn't control his actions.

It was the claims that DeFeo Jr made that created the initial notion that 112 Ocean Avenue was haunted, he claimed that he and his murdered families were all victims of the evil spirits within the property.

Upon investigation of DeFeo Jr's life it was detailed that his father was abusive and his mother was extremely passive, as a boy his troubled upbringing led to drug and alcohol abuse by the time he reached adulthood. He had lashed out his father previously and once even threatened him with a gun, his parents decided to let him live at home and gave him a weekly cash allowance in the hope that this would help him get out of his troubled lifestyle.

Earlier, on this same awful day, DeFeo Jr had left work and gone to a bar, he is said to have continuously been calling home and received no answer which led to complaining to other drinkers in the bar about not being able to contact his family. He did eventually leave the bar, only to return at 6:30am when he was heard screaming, "You got to help me! I think my mother and father are shot!"

The police made the grim discovery, all six family members had been shot with a rifle in their beds at around 3:15am, they were all positioned on their stomachs. The authorities confirmed that there was no sign of any struggles and no reports of any gunshots had been made.

DeFeo Jr changed his story several times, attempting to give himself an alibi, he claimed he was at the bar during the time of the murders, he then said that Louis Falini, a mob hitman killed his family whilst forcing him to watch.

He did eventually confess to the killings and stood in the dock on trial on October 14th, 1975.

DeFeo Jr's attorney, William Weber attempted to enter an insanity please, however, the prosecution argued that DeFeo Jr was simply a drug addict who was well aware of what he was doing when he slaughtered his family. DeFeo Jr was convicted on six counts of second-degree murder and was sentenced to six concurrent sentences of 25 years to life imprisonment.

The Amityville Horror Stories:

The horror stories of terrifying hauntings didn't begin until December 1975 when the Lutz family moved into the property. George and Kathy Lutz bought the house for $80,000, thinking they had gotten an absolute bargain for the 4,000-square-foot house. The Lutz family only lasted 28 days in the property before moving out after claiming horrifying things were happening within the house.

From foul odours, eyes peering into the house and green slime oozing out of the walls and even Kathy allegedly levitating in bed, it was certainly an unusual month that the Lutz family claimed to have in their new home. George even claimed that he woke up at 3:15am every night, the exact time that the DeFeo murders took place.

"The Amityville Horror" was a book written in 1977 by Jay Anson, the book was based on these reported events and severed as a foundation for the 1979 film of the same name, which was remade in 2005. The film turned into a classic horror movie whilst the book became a bestseller.

Jay Anson's book was written upon the evidence of 45 hours of the family's recorded interviews. Christopher Quaratino, one of the three Lutz children, confirmed that the hauntings had in fact happened, however, he also said that his stepfather, George Lutz, had exaggerated the events.

It was known that George Lutz was interesting in paranormal activity and that he actively tried to summon spirits, the family was in severe debt at the time, many sceptics believe that Lutz fabricated the story as a way to try and earn money to fix the families money troubles.

Since the Lutz family reported all the strange goings on within the house, 112 Ocean Avenue has seen plenty of new residents as well as a change of address, however, there have been no further reports of any paranormal activity within the home, which leads to the question as whether the Lutz family where telling the truth or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to follow us on Facebook.


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