The Analysis Of The Reportedly "Crashed UFO" On The Surface Of Mars

This fascinating photo would appear to show an object half-buried under the Mars surface with what looks like an impact trail behind it. Here is the analysis by UFO researcher Jean Ward.

Crashed UFO on Mars
Photo taken by Nasa that appears to show some form of unidentified object on the Mars surface.

This photograph was taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on 29 December 2006, and was described as "Swirls of Rock in Candor Chasma."

It would appear that whatever the object is, looks as though it is in the shape of a thin disk, that looks as though it has created a long canyon behind it following some type of impact, carving out the Martian surface.

Many UFO researchers believe this photo to be definitive proof of a crashed UFO on Mars, even with NASA playing it off as simple rock formations.

Below is the video analysis by Mr Jean Ward.

We will leave this one with you and allow you to make your own mind up, do you believe this is the wreckage of an extra-terrestrial UFO flight gone wrong? Or as NASA says, simple rock formations?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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