The Ancient Ram Inn: A Pagan Burial Ground, Ritual Sacrifices, Murder and Devil Worship

When it comes to paranormal activity there are not many places that boast a darker and more troubled past than the Ancient Ram Inn. Built on an ancient pagan burial ground the malevolent spirits that are said to reside here really are the stuff of nightmares.

Ancient Ram Inn, Most Haunted House In The UK
The Ancient Ram Inn is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in all of the United Kingdom

The stories from visitors, paranormal experts and the previous owners claim that up to twenty spirits still call the Ancient Ram Inn their home, and unlike some other places we have investigated, these ones aren't the friendly type.

The Ancient Ram Inn was built in 1145 and was used as a "keep house" for slaves and workers who were working on the construction of the local St. Mary's Church.

After the workers left it became the home of a priest, since then it has had many different owners and uses. From 1930 the property was privately owned.

In 1968 The Ancient Ram Inn was bought by Mr Humphries, who dedicated his life to restoring and caring for the building.

The Ancient Ram Inn lies in a very special place, it is located directly on the crossroad of two Ley lines, a Ley line is a straight line that one can draw through several places of geological and spiritual importance.

One of the Ley lines that cross the Ancient Ram Inn, also crosses the centre of Stonehenge, whilst the other one can be traced through Glastonbury Tor, Ley lines are said to be energy tracks.

The belief is that ancient energy from Stonehenge feeds the paranormal activity in the places along that line. To top that off, the Ancient Ram Inn is also built directly on top of a 5000-year-old Pagan burial ground.

Most haunted house in the UK
Inside of the Ancient Ram Inn

Mr John Humphries, who bought the property back in 1968 and kept it in his possession until his death in 2007, had more than his fair share of paranormal experiences within the house, some of them quite unpleasant.

On the very first night he slept in the property he was pulled from his bed by an unseen force. His bedroom was constantly terrorised by a poltergeist that continually banged on his window. The force that would drag John from his bed kept doing so until he placed a giant wooden crucifix in his bedroom, however, the window banging never ended and in time progressed to almost every room in the house.

John's wife and daughter refused to continue living the house due to all the terrifying activity that would constantly happen there, causing them to move out and leave John by himself. John could not give up the property and lived there by himself and put every ounce of effort he could into maintaining the building.

Mr Humphries was a collector of antiques, he once found a painting of one pastor Mr John Wesley, when he tried to hang the painting in the stairwell something triggered within the property, he heard loud banging on all of the windows, and doors that had been closed for years swung open and slammed shut and his daughter's dog was to scared to even come close to the stairwell whilst the painting was in place, Mr Humphries said that the picture was quickly removed.

If that wasn't bad enough, there is also said to be both an Incubus and a Succubus living at the inn. This was the main reason the Ancient Ram Inn was deemed as no longer fit to operate as a bed-and-breakfast. The Incubus is a male sex-demon who was said to take advantage of female visitors, whilst the Succubus is a similar demon, but female and feeds on male hormones, there have even been previous visitors who have jumped out of the windows to escape these malevolent spirits.

Bishops Room Ancient Ram Inn
The Bishops room within the Ancient Ram Inn

The Priest Room

The room that is believed to be the most haunted within the Ancient Ram Inn, is the priest room which is located on the first floor. It is reported that nine entities reside within this room. A friendly ghost of a small Cavalier King Charles dog, which is often spotted sitting the corner of the room.

This however is the only friendly spirit said to be here, the spirits of a dark monk, some bishops and nuns are also seen and 'felt'. It is believed that Devil worshipping took place in here. Visitors have claimed to have been lifted up and thrown across the room by an unseen entity, whilst others have claimed that the bed has levitated whilst they are on it.

The screams of a man in the room have frequently been reported, this is believed to be of a man who was once murdered in the Ancient Ram Inn by having his head pushed into and held in the fireplace. Two plumbers who were working at the property were even left completely terrified after claiming to witness a Roman soldier on horseback riding straight through the walls of the Bishop's room.

The Attic

Many visitors have reported the sound of something heavy being dragged along the floor whilst in the attic, one of the former owners daughter's was murdered in the attic around 500 years ago, she was hung from the ceiling according to the historian accounts.

The Kitchen

The remains of a woman and her baby were found buried beneath the kitchen floor here, John Humphries daughter, before she moved out of the property claimed that the woman presented herself many times to her and went by the name of Elizabeth, she said that she was murdered by a highwayman.

During an organised ghost hunt an 18-year-old man was left traumatised when he was thrown against the wall by what appeared to be nothing but thin air.

The Barn

The barn which was constructed in the 18th century is said to be haunted by that of a 7ft tall dark figure, no one knows who this spirit could be, however, he is said to be aggressive towards men. The dark shadow is said to appear in the doorway of the barn as if he is protecting something inside.

When John Humphries was 87-years-old and his health was starting to deteriorate ITV even did a report on how the family was struggling getting a company to send carers into the Ancient Ram Inn to look after him, they all kept leaving after being terrified by the paranormal activity they all claimed to be witnessing whilst attending for him.

ITV asked the daughter of John Humphries, Caroline, if she would ever spend a night in the Ancient Ram Inn, her response: "I did once, and won't ever again. People get a strong presence on their chest and can't get out of bed. I experienced furniture being dragged around understand - a really heavy, loud, laborious dragging noise."

There is no denying that the amount of reports from owners and visitors alike, there is certainly something strange going on in the Ancient Ram Inn, below are some first hand accounts of their visits to the Inn from people that they gave to the BBC.

Visitor Comments:


We have just recently visited the ram inn and firstly found john to be a great host ,full of information and very welcoming. After giving us a brief history of the building he left us to our own devices to investigate. Firstly we looked around the ancient grave and the mens kitchen and had cold breezes constantly coming through ,we had a cat screech at us at the top of the stairs by the attic, my light on my camcorder went off and came back on when i asked it too on several occasions, also we used a spirit board left in the men's kitchen by n.p.r.t and spoke to a 62 year old male called Oscar who said he was a miner and was murdered in 1402 by a man nicknamed red.


we went there tonight and I we have seen orbs I have photos that we took and we saw them. never been so scared in our lives we have been round there inside and seen. the night we went there we sat outside in the car turned all engine off and lights etc 10 mins later after we heard noises went to turn the car on , the car was dead. we managed to jump start it , it was weird how we got back to Gloucester and had no problems with the car since, standing in the ram inn it was cold and nasty smells.


After filming the show (most haunted) I have to say that I have neve felt so sure about the reality of what I witnessed that night. reading some of the stories above only confirms what i already thought, there are believers and those that doubt, take a visit to the ram and see for yourselves.

Martyn Jones

I have to say that the Ram Inn is one of the best venues I have attended. I went with Haunted Happenings and I can honestly say that this was one I would never forget. There were many sightings of orbs and a sense of of being watched. At one stage I was so scared I had to leave the building, I had feelings of being push and scratched I would recommend the Ram to anyone.

Chris Adams

I have been into the ram and as I entered the witches room and the bishops room it went stone hold and you could actually see your breath and also i was stood outside the front and I swear something gabbed my leg.


Me and some friends and my mum (heather below) visited on Tuesday 5th Feb. All i can say is that this place is amazing. My mum is very sceptical, and she felt someone tickle her neck! We heard a cat meow a few times and caught this on recording equipment, We saw a strange mist floating on the video camera as one of the girls said they saw some thing walk across the room. We were all down stairs when we heard some one running across the floor above us, although everyone including the owner was downstairs. We caught dozens of Orbs on camera as well as seeing them with our own eyes. John who owns the place is 80 and relies on donations from visitors to renovate the building. Its disgusting that the council wont help to save this building as it is packed with history and is amazing.


When I Was staying back in the 1970's in the beaufort room (witches room) we heard loud footsteps above us. then my husband felt something on his chest. then in the barn we saw the chandelier swing all by itself.


In August 2007 I saw a cavalier in the Bishop's Room at about 2.30pm by the bed.


I spent the night at The Ram Inn last night. Yes, I am a medium, so know spirits exist. I saw a grey ghostly figure in the Bishops Room and felt its anger and annoyance at us being there. I saw orbs on and off my camera. I also had the famous incubus rubbing his hand on the inside of my thigh!! This place is definitely spooky, that goes without saying. So John, good luck to you and your famous ghosts. I'll never forget my night with you all.


I have travelled with my girlfriend on two occasions to the Ram Inn in Wooten-under-Edge. The first occasion was more memorable. We were fortunate that John showed us around and told us the history which was a little un-nerving, both my partner and I had not taken the necessary spiritual precautions when we entered and felt seriously oppressed and overwhelmed by the dank, bleak and overpowering feeling that you were definitely simply not welcome. We subsequently left the house and area and had a really bad night in Tenby in Wales, we were told later by a medium colleague that you carried something with you. We decided to travel back to Wooten-Under-Edge two days later and stay in a local guest house (the only decent one in W-U-E) and waited till dark and took some digital photos of the house... these were covered in orbs and more alarmingly a red glow which followed me across the road as I snapped pictures... these have not been posted on the net as yet but the quality is obvious to see. If you are intrigued with the Ram Inn I would not consider entering this place if you are of a nervous disposition particularly if you are emotionally based as you are likely to pick up considerably more than you bargained for - as is know if you are emotionally open you will pick things up "believe me" Regards Nigel

We have to admit we are fascinated with the Ancient Ram Inn, we have actually reached out to the owners of the property in a hope we can send some of our staff members there for a stay over to give you a true report of our findings!

Please let us know your thoughts on the Ancient Ram Inn, within the comments section below, and if any of you have ever been there we would love to hear from you! Now you have read this story make sure that you check out our post on the Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase, and then the story of Meg Shelton, the witch of Woodplumpton.

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