The Avrocar: The US Military's Real Flying Saucer that Intended to Reach Speeds of Mach 4

The US Military intended on creating a super fleet of VTOL aircraft to put them are the forefront of military aircraft firepower during the cold war.

Watch the full and final test program video below:

The intention of the Avrocar was initially to be a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that would be able to travel at speeds of up to Mach 4.

During the Cold War, traditional airport runways were viewed as an easy target for the enemy to attack. The plan of the United States was if they could create a fleet of VTOL aircraft they could build underground airports that would be protected from enemy bombers. The Avrocar would be able to ascend through a shaft in the ground and then shoot off at supersonic speeds.

US Military Declassified UFO
The US Military's Avrocar Flying Saucer that was Declassified in 2012

The Avrocar was the shape of what one would describe as a 'typical' flying saucer, it's shape and ability to hover bring to mind the flying saucers that now associate with extra-terrestrial crafts. The project of the Avrocar never really got off the ground, figuratively and literally, the from start the design was proven to be unstable and very difficult to fly. Through extensive modifications and in-depth testing, Canadian company, Avro Aircraft Limited did manage to improve the stability, but the Avrocar could only hover at a height of approximately three feet and it's speed could not exceed 35 mph, not quite the Mach 4 speed that was first intended.

Avrocar Flying Saucer
Avrocar was intended to be the United States new secret weapon

The Records Administration (NARA) and the National Archives are home to a number of records relating to the Avrocar Project, some of the records were declassified in 2012, including schematic drawings and project reports, other records have been available for quite some time.

At the end of 1961, the Pentagon cancelled the project when it became apparent that much greater investment would be required for the Avrocar to get anywhere close to being the intended finished project.

Many Ufologists over the years have claimed that the idea for the Avrocar had come from the military's knowledge of extra-terrestrial spacecraft and this was their attempt to replicate such a spacecraft.

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