The Broad Haven Visitors: The 1977 Welsh UFO Incident Witnessed by Primary School Children

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It was 1977 at Broad Haven Primary School in Pembrokeshire, Wales, when a group of school children witnessed an object that then led to a wave of UFO sightings being reported in the area, that became known as the Dyfed Triangle.

Broad Haven UFO Incident
The pupils at Broad Haven Primary School were asked to all draw what they had seen that day

The Broad Haven UFO incident took place in 1977, at the Broad Haven Primary School in Pembrokeshire Wales, when a group of students all claimed to have seen a strange silver object like nothing they had ever seen before, hovering over a field, just beyond their playground.

The children had rushed back into school, distraught about what they had seen, however, their claims were dismissed by the headmaster Ralph Llewellyn without even going outside to look himself. This was a decision Llewellyn would go on to, by his own admission, regret for the rest of his life.

David Davies, who was a pupil at Broad Haven Primary School, and 10 years old at the time recalled in a later interview that he saw a silver "cigar-shaped" craft with a "dome covering the middle third". He said: "My sighting only lasted a couple of seconds. It popped up and then went back behind a tree."

Davies explained that the other children saw it for longer than he did, he was sceptical at the time and did not go out to see what all the fuss was about until after the bell had gone.

Initially, none of the teachers believed what the children were saying which resulted in the headmaster deciding to separate them all and get them to draw what they had seen under exam conditions, to ensure they couldn't copy each other nor discuss it between them.

The teachers were amazed at what the pupils drew, they had slight variations between them but they all drew almost exactly the same thing.

Broad Haven Primary School UFO
Some of the sketches made by the children at Broad Haven Primary School

The media soon got to hear about the incident and quickly swamped the small Welsh village, and as David Davies put it, the next few days were a "wild rollercoaster."

He said: “It went crazy with the media and it was difficult to settle down and actually think about what we had seen.”

One family in particular, was very severely affected by it all. The Coombs family, who were employed at the Ripperston farm and were victim to a number of very strange experiences.

Following on from the original sightings, the Coombs family reported that they had seen several UFOs from their car, they also made the astonishing claim that a 7-ft tall humanoid creature wearing a silver suit with a black visor appeared outside their window, they also claimed that a full herd of their cows appeared to go missing, only later to be found in a completely different field.

David Davies Broad Haven UFO Sighting
David Davies maintains to this day that he saw a UFO at Broad Haven Primary School

Two months later, the owner of the Haven Fort Hotel in nearby Little Haven, Rosa Granville, described how she had seen an object that looked like an "upside-down saucer" and two "faceless humanoid” creatures with pointed heads.

She said: "There was light coming from it and flames of all colours. Then the 'beings' came out of these flames, that’s what I don’t understand."

Mrs Granville, who was clearly distressed by the encounter at the time wrote a letter to her MP, who requested that the Ministry of Defence open an investigation.

The MP said at the time: "I am being inundated at the present time with representations about UFOs said to have been seen in Pembrokeshire."

It was later disclosed that the Ministry of Defence requested that the RAF police carried out a secret and discreet investigation of what had been going on at Broad Haven, an extract of a private memorandum to the Provost and Security Service of the RAF was leaked and it mentioned the number of "level-headed" witnesses to the strange activity that had taken place.

It read: "I should be grateful if you would let me know whether you think some sort of discreet inquiry would be worthwhile or even whether there is prima facie evidence for a more serious specialist inquiry. I have not even told the minister I am consulting you."

Nick Pope, who worked as a UFO investigator for the MoD, said: "This bombshell document shows how the MoD’s UFO project asked the RAF Police to conduct a secret investigation into these mysterious events, while Parliament, the media, and the public were being told it was of no defence significance."

What the children saw, in their own words:

Michael Mathieson Webb said: "it was silver and a cigar shape with a big dome and a red light flashing on top. We couldn’t believe it at first. One of the boys ran down the hill to tell Sir, but he didn’t believe it. I watched it for between three and five minutes. It had a flashing red light and I’m sure it was a spaceship. It definitely wasn’t a helicopter. Everyone is sure that they saw something. It seemed cigar-shaped with a large dome on the top. I was frightened when I saw it."

Philip Rees (10) remembered: "Shaun and David [Ward] came running in and said that there was something there. So me and some other boys went up to the top of the playing field. We saw something silver and disc-shaped. There seemed to be a door opening from the object. David and Tudor Jones saw a figure. They said it was silver. The object had a dome on top of it, with a light. It was a very dull day, but I did see something. My friends and I asked the headmaster to have a look at the object, but he refused. A couple of my friends saw the movement of a figure, but I did not. I was frightened. Two friends, Tudor and David, were very frightened."

Jeremy Passmore (9) also saw the UFO during lunch break: "I saw the UFO when it was dinner time. It was silvery green and it had a yellowy-orange to red colour light. It was a disc at the bottom and a sort of dome on the top with the light on top. It was about 300 yards away. It moved a minute and then disappeared. It did have a noise, but I didn’t hear it. We felt very scared. David George wanted someone to go to the toilet with him. Tudor Jones was nearly crying because he was scared he was going to be disintegrated or something so we all rushed in. Some of our school did not believe us. We tried to make them believe us but they would not."

Paul Williams recalled: "We saw something come out of it. It had a helmet. We ran and told Sir and when we went back it wasn’t there."

Class teacher Mrs Morgan later said: "I saw it too, you know. It was real! When they went, a little whirlwind of dust came across the playground. It was almost as if they were saying goodbye."

This is another fascinating story that has captured the imagination of a small welsh town for over four decades, the children (now adults) still stand by what they claim to have seen that day.

It is certainly difficult to discredit the similarities in the drawings that the children provided at the time. Let us know your thoughts on the Broad Haven UFO Incident in the comments section below.

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