The Cursed Walls Of Monte Cristo: The Most Haunted House In Australia

The true story behind the terrifying hauntings of Monte Cristo, built in 1884 this Australian homestead is largely known as the most haunted house in Australia.

Monte Cristo Haunted House
The Monte Cristo homestead is known to be the most haunted house in Australia

The Monte Cristo homestead was constructed in 1884 by Mr William Crawley. He had managed to acquire the land in January 1876 under the provisions of the Robertson Act of 1861. It is the second structure to be constructed on the land as the original dwelling became the servants quarters after the homestead was built.

The infamous property is currently owned by the Ryan family who purchased the property for just £2000 AUD (approximately £1000) back in 1963. The Ryan's devoted a lot of time, effort and money to restore the house to its former glory. Reginald Ryan even worked several jobs in the early days just to keep up with his financial obligations to pay for the renovation work that had been completed.

The first notable occurrence to take place at Monte Cristo happened shortly after the descendants of the Crawley family employed a caretaker by the name of Jack Simpson, his job was to look after what was left of the building at the time. The caretaker was shot dead by a young man who claimed in his defence that he was influenced by the movie Psycho to commit the heinous crime.

It didn't take long after the Ryan's moved into the property in 1963 before they had witnessed their first "paranormal" incident.

The Ryan's were returning to their recently purchased property in the dark, they somehow found the property to be brightly lit up with intense lights coming out of every room, this should have been somewhat of an impossibility, considering they had not yet had electricity connected to the building.

In 1990 the same phenomenon happened again, the family were out at a ball and the house was completely unoccupied until the son of the Ryan's returned to the property on his own, and again witnessed intense lights beaming from every room.

The Ryan's pets also had a clear dislike for the Monte Cristo, both their cat and dog ran out of the house after they were first brought inside, neither were ever seen again. It took three years before the Ryan's could get a pet that would stay with them, even though the more recent pets would not enter the house but would stay outside.

They had caged chickens that were found strangled in their pens and even the family parrot was found choked to death whilst still in its cage. They had a long list of pets that appeared to die under strange circumstances.

The Ryan's children would frequently complain about a man who was dressed in farmers clothing peering into their bedroom through the window, however, the girls bedroom was situated on the second floor and their was no veranda or balcony outside of their room.

Several visitors to the home also complained to the Ryan's that forces that they could not see would stop them from moving around the building. Many reports were also made from people claiming to see the vision of a man with a beard and wearing a brown suit following them around the house, this led to several people claiming that it was the ghost of the original owner of Monte Cristo, Thomas Crawley.

Over the years numerous mediums have visited the house and claimed to sense the death of an infant in the stairwell, also noting that a maid carrying an infant had the child pulled from her hands by unseen forces and the child fell and was tragically killed.

Researchers have speculated that the tortured spirit of a deranged son of a onetime housekeeper at the homestead was imprisoned in a small room of the house. He died of neglect and starvation. They attribute the vicious attacks on the family owned animals to his ghost.

The sound of a piano playing in an upstairs room is said to often be heard, yet no piano has been in the Monte Cristo house for years.

Following the death of her husband Mrs Crawley transformed what was a box room into a small chapel and a priest would visit her twice a week and pray with her.

It is said that Mrs Crawley only left the house on two occasions over the course of the next 23-years following her husbands death, Mrs Crawley was described as a hard and stern woman who ruled the property with an iron fist. Her ghost has been reported to be seen in the chapel room by several visitors.

The ghost of a boy is apparently seen in the stables, the story goes he was burned to death after his bed was set on fire as punishment for slacking.

It is believed by investigators that the activity in the Monte Cristo homestead is related to the original inhabitants, the Crawley family. They say that somehow they are a magnet to other spirits who now also occupy the house.

Monte Cristo has since earned the title of Australia’s most haunted house and is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors interested in the paranormal from all over the world. Is the Monte Cristo really as haunted as the claims make out? or just a clever marketing ploy put in place by the Ryan's? That we don't know, however we would love to hear from anyone who has ever been there! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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