The Dulce Papers: Thomas Costello, the Dulce Base security officer who blew the whistle

Thomas Costello claimed to be a security officer who worked at the supposed Dulce Base, New Mexico. Thomas Costello spoke of terrifying collaborations between humans and aliens that took place in this huge secret facility.

Thomas Costello claimed that he worked as a security officer at the Dulce Base, a reported secret underground facility in Dulce, New Mexico.

Costello said that he worked at the Dulce Base until 1979, when he said he could no longer tolerate working there after gathering a strong understanding of the disturbing and in-humane projects that were being undertaken in the base.

Before Thomas Costello claims to have left the Dulce Base, he gathered security video footage, and various documents as evidence of the underground facility.

Thomas Costello said that before hiding the original documents, he made five copies of them using "go-betweens", he distributed them to the UFO community. These documents became known as "The Dulce Papers" and contain what is said to be evidence that the underground base exists and provides insights into the terrifying experiments that have been ongoing there for a long time.

The Dulce Papers contain more than 30 monochrome photographs and video evidence of these activities.

Costello spoke out about how he had to escape from the base after coming to the realisation that he was putting himself into an extremely dangerous situation, with this in mind he put his wife and family into hiding. Thomas Costello claims he planned on collecting his family again but knew that government agents would be waiting, forcing him to flee.

In 1971, Thomas Costello claimed he started working for the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California.

In 1977 he is said to have been transferred from California to the Dulce Base, New Mexico and starting living in Santa Fe, where him and his family bought a home. He commuted to work at the Dulce Base on an underground shuttle system, similar to that of a "tube train".

Thomas Costello made some unimaginable claims about the goings on at the Dulce Base, he claimed that over 180,000 Greys (aliens) were at the facility and several hundred reptilian humanoids that are known as Draco.

Costello described the underground Dulce Base in quite specific details, explaining that it has seven sub-levels, explaining how most of the aliens worked on levels six and seven whilst level five was mainly made up of the aliens living accommodation.

Thomas Costello's descriptions of the activities being carried out at the Dulce Base included experiments into telepathy, dreams and hypnosis and research into human auras, he said that the aliens have the capability to separate the "bioplasmic body from the physical body" and replace "an alien life force" within a human body after removing the soul. Costello's horrifying claims spoke about genetic experiments being carried out on variety of different life forms (including fish, mice, birds, seals and even humans) on level six of the facility, also known as "Nightmare Hall". He described how the products of these experiments were stored in huge tanks that contained multi-limbed humans and spoke of a room filled with cages, holding tall, humanoid, bat-like creatures. Thomas Costello spoke about the horrors that took place on level seven, he said that this is what compelled him to flee and the facility and made him feel as though he had to disclose what he knew to the public.

In Thomas Costello's own words: "Level seven contained row upon row of thousands of humans, human-mixture remains and embryos of humanoids - kept in cold storage. I frequently encountered humans in cages - usually they were dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told never to speak to them at all." Costello also claimed that he had information describing similar bases throughout the Solar System - some located on several of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

According to Costello, the aliens, both Greys and Reptilians, have been on the Earth for thousands of years and they don't have hostile intentions towards humans.

Apparently the Aliens are primarily far more interested in the magnetic power of the Earth - an energy they have the capabilities to harvest.

Below are some of what was claimed to be in the Dulce Papers:

The Dulce Papers, Thomas Costello
Thomas Costello tells of terrifying experiments being done on humans in the Dulce Base

Thomas Costello Dulce Base
Drawings that had been re-created to show the goings-on within the Dulce Base

Alien experiments Dulce Underground base
Alien on Human experiments being carried out within the underground facility

Dulce Base pictures
Thomas Costello described in detail the layout of the Dulce Base facility

Thomas Costello is revered by many ufologists and alien researchers as being the first real whistle-blower on the truth about aliens and the governments cover-up.

Whatever you may believe, there is now denying that the story of Thomas Costello and the Dulce Base is a fascinating one.

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