The Ghost That Solved A Murder: Did Teresita Basa Return From The Grave To Reveal Her Killer?

In 1977, Teresita Basa, an immigrant from the Philippines was found brutally murdered in her Chicago apartment. It is believed she returned from the dead to ensure that police captured the man who murdered her.

Teresita Basa Murder Case
Reports claim that Teresita Basa's ghost returned to solve the puzzle of who killer her

The horrific murder of Teresita Basa looked like it was going to remain unsolved. From the day her body was discovered in her Chicago apartment in 1977, authorities were baffled by the crime, there appeared to be no motive, they had no leads, and virtually no chance of finding the perpetrator.

Out of the blue, five months after her murder, someone came forward to authorities claiming to have information relating to the murder of Teresita Basa.

The information that they gave was proven to be correct. Allan Showery, who was a co-worker of Basa's was tried and convicted for her murder. Although the murder of Teresita Basa was tragic and brutal, it went relatively unnoticed in terms of media interest. What made this story remarkable is how the victim's husband, and a family friend, came to find out about Allan Showery's guilt.

Teresita Basa's, Humble Beginnings To Brutal Ending

Teresita Basa was born in the Philippines in 1929, she didn't move to the United States until the 1960s in the search of a better life. When she initially arrived in the US her intention was to study music, however, she ultimately became a respiratory therapist, working at Edgewater Hospital. The hospital was located just outside of Chicago, Illinois, the birthplace of Hillary Clinton and serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Teresita Basa led a normal, quiet life, and was working towards a master's degree in music, she was always keen on helping others, frequently giving out free piano lessons to the children in her neighborhood. When she wasn't studying for her master's degree or working she enjoyed a relatively sedate life with her husband, Joe.

On February 21, 1977, Teresita Basa received a phone call from Ruth Loeb, and they chatted for approximately 30 minutes. Loeb later testified that Teresita said she was expecting a friend coming over, but she didn't know any further details about who he was or the purpose of his visit.

Around an hour after Loeb spoke to Teresita Basa on the phone, the fire department was called to Teresita's apartment following complaints from the neighbours of a strong smell of smoke in the area.

When the firefighters arrived they were let into the apartment by a maintenance worker, when they entered they discovered the body of Teresita Basa, buried beneath a mattress, naked, and with a knife sticking out of her chest. Authorities said that despite her being found naked, Teresita Basa hadn't been the victim of a sexual assault and that no physical evidence had been left at the scene to lead the police to her killer, although it did appear that the apartment had been ransacked.

Teresita Basa Returns From The Grave

For five months after her death, the police still had no leads and no idea who would have wanted to murder Teresita Basa. However, six months after her murder, Dr. Jose C. Chua Jr., who was a co-worker of Basa's, claimed that his wife, Remibias was having "visions" about the murder of Teresita.

"Doctor, I would like to ask for your help. The man who murdered me is still at large," Dr. Chua claimed his wife said while she was "in a trance."

When he pressed his entranced wife further about her identity, he said, "I was really surprised and scared when I asked her name and she answered, ‘Ako ‘y (I am) Teresita Basa.’ But she told me I had nothing to be scared of. She was really pleading for me to help solve her murder."

As detailed in the book Teresita: A Voice From The Grave, it was revealed that the ghost of Teresita Basa put the blame for her murder on Allan Showery.

Allan Showery was also a respiratory therapist and a co-worker of Teresita's. Initially Showery attempted to get the case against him thrown out because all of the evidence had come from "the great beyond."

Police testified that when they went to bring him in as a suspect to the murder, he came quietly with the authorities, almost as a tacit acknowledgment of his guilt.

Following on from an initial mistrial, Allan Showery pleaded guilty to the murder of Teresita Basa on February 23, 1979, and was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the crime. He was released on parole in 1983, and although we cannot be sure, the evidence suggests he went to New York City shortly after his release.

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