The Hat Man: The shadow person who keeps people all over the world up at night

The dark figure that only seems to appear whilst you are in bed, the Hat Man stories span the entire globe, all telling of a similar looking tall shadowy figure staring down with a glare of malevolence whilst you are in a sleep like state. What does he want? Why does he appear? And why have so many people all around the world experienced the same sinister sighting.

Who is the Hat Man
The Hat Man is one of the most reported paranormal sightings throughout the entire world

The Hat Man is known worldwide and throughout the paranormal community is often referred to as an "Evil Entity" and also commonly known as a shadow person. Shadow people are exactly as they sound, dark, vaporous forms that take the shape of a human and are said to be a form of ghost like entity.

Some claim that these entities are manifestations of people that once lived, others claim they are a demonic type of spirit with dark intentions, The Hat Man is almost like a character within a broad category, a quite unique style of shadow person sighting, boasting a more solid outline that many reported shadow people encounters, the most commonly mentioned attributes are his height and the fact he is always wearing a hat.

The sightings of The Hat Man are all very similar, however, he does appear to change in style from time to time, some reports state he was wearing old fashioned clothing, a cape or a long trench coat with a variety of different style hats appearing. Some witnesses have claimed he has appeared with deep, penetrating red eyes, whilst others have reported a completely featureless black face. Almost every report has commented on his height, most sightings have claimed he stands at between 8-10 feet tall, often having to crouch whilst standing in the room. The very thought of a being of such size and malevolent appearance gives off an eerie feeling to say the least.

Numerous different encounters with The Hat Man have stated he was carrying a gold pocket watch that he would occasionally glance down at, a suggestion that he potentially has an interest in the time whilst making an appearance is another interesting addition to an already mind bending experience, is he making some type of claim, or is time of importance even to those within the shadow realm?

Paranormal experts around the world have often said they believe that he changes his appearance due to the person he is visiting, wearing clothing that is fitting to the persons life or location, so for example if you lived in an area more commonly known for gaucho hats, that is what he is more likely to be wearing, leading to many believing that The Hat Man may be an entity that simply lives within our subconscious and shows himself in a form that our mind would naturally imagine him to be, so it stands to reason that personal interpretation could be a huge factor in the supernatural experiences we may have.

Is the Hat Man the devil?
The Hat Man is said to be an evil being, some claiming that he is actually the devil himself

Almost all of the apparent sightings of The Hat Man result in the witness claiming that they felt an overwhelming sense of evil and nastiness with his presence, stating that they could feel that he meant harm and distress. This draws to a theory of some that he feeds on the fear of the victim he visits, almost like recharging his batteries on the witnesses fears.

The ways in which he is seen is often very similar, the most two common methods of him watching his victims is either from the corner / doorway of the room they are sleeping in or through the reflection in the mirror, most of the claims around him having piercing red eyes come from those who have seen him in a mirror.

One of the most prominent actions of the apparent "Hat Man" is the way he leaves, most paranormal experiences end with the entity simply vanishing into thin air, many Hat Man sightings claim this not to be the case, reporting that he actually leaves by either walking or gliding through a close-by door, adding even more realism to what is already a terrifying ordeal and laying claim to this phenomenon having more physical control than your usual ghost sighting.

He can appear to anyone, anywhere and at anytime, there appears to be a strong correlation to him coming to visit those who are currently in a state of distress or turmoil, almost all sightings have been reported from people who were going through a particularly bad time in their life, leading for people to believe that he manifests on negative energy.

So who or what exactly is The Hat Man? We don't know. Some say he's a demon, a interdimensional being and some even claim he is the devil himself thriving off other peoples pain and misery.

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