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The Haunting Of Blythswood Square: A Murder In Glasgow, A Terrified Family & An Unsettled Spirit

Blythswood Square in Glasgow, Scotland, is reportedly haunted by the spirit of a murderous woman who drowned her lover in the bath. This is the story of a previous resident of 6/7 Blythswood Square.

The reported haunting took place at 6/7 Blythswood Square, Glasgow
The reported haunting took place at 6/7 Blythswood Square, Glasgow

Blythswood Square in the centre of Glasgow is a square of fine Georgian buildings with a mixed history. Now the site of offices of lawyers and accountants, it once had a reputation as being something of a red-light district. In years before that, it was more of a residential area and considered to be a very desirable place to live.

One particular gentleman, house-hunting in the area, came upon a house in Blythswood Square that was for sale. Upon inspecting the property, he was very impressed with it all, with the exception of the bathroom. There was something about the bathroom that gave the house a very unpleasant air, and the gentleman could not quite put his finger on what it was. The room had a cold and dreary atmosphere, but there was something else, something foreboding. The room made him shudder. Nevertheless, the thought of having a prestigious address such as this was too tempting for both the gentleman and his wife. The bathroom would surely take on a brighter atmosphere with a few coats of fresh paint and new fittings.

They bought the house and moved in.

The gentleman still felt very uneasy about using the bathroom, in spite of its bright new appearance and in spite of his family's reassurances that all was normal. He did not like to close the door when he was having a bath. His wife, however, protested at such immodest behaviour. Reluctantly, the gentleman had to respect her wishes. The next time he went to take a bath, he summoned up the courage to close the door behind him.

The gentleman could see that there was no one else in the bathroom, but in spite of this, he still had the distinct feeling that there was someone else there. It was uncanny. Trying to ignore his feelings of misgiving, he placed his candle at the edge of the bath, undressed, and stepped into the water.

Hardly had the gentleman got into the bath, however, when he heard strange sounds coming from the fire grate. He tried to ignore them but they persisted. He got up to investigate, his heart hammering. Cautiously, he stepped out of the bath. Frozen with terror, he then heard the sounds of loud splashing coming from the bath. Someone was in the bath, washing! But that was impossible - there was nobody there!

The gentleman hardly had time to ponder upon this, for after only a few seconds he heard the cupboard door behind him opening. A figure stepped out of the cupboard. The gentleman could hear the rustling of skirts and the cloying scent of perfume. The gentleman had no time to get out of the ghostly figure's way. A chilly foot in a high-heeled shoe stepped on his back quite carelessly as the spectre of a woman, apparently oblivious of the gentleman's presence, made her way towards the bath.

The gentleman gasped and listened. Sounds of a struggle came from the bath, a violent struggle. There was much splashing and thrashing about. then, all of a sudden, the noises stopped. The woman turned to face the gentleman, and through the darkness, he saw a ghostly white face quite startling in its luminosity. The face was obviously that of a beautiful woman, but it was contorted with an expression of pure hatred.

The gentleman had seen and heard enough. He fumbled his way to the bathroom door, unlocked it, and fled to the safety of his bedroom. When he told his wife what had happened, he was met with ridicule and told not to be so foolish. His fear was dismissed as mere hysteria.

Then one morning the gentleman's son went to use the bathroom and was greeted with the sight of a dead man floating in the bath water. His screams alerted the rest of the family, who came running. When they went into the bathroom they could see nothing. But when they were coming out, there were all witness to the sight of a beautiful dark-haired woman, a look of unmistakable hatred on her face, sweeping past them into the bathroom cupboard.

The family left the house - no matter how desirable the address, the spectral inhabitants made life there unbearable. Once they had found themselves a suitable, less sinister place to live, they made enquiries about the history of the house in Blythswood Square.

Their investigations were quite enlightening. Apparently, the house had once been the property of a wealthy man married to a Spanish woman with a violent temper. The man had been found drowned in his bath one morning. The circumstances had been suspicious, but no foul play could be proved, and his beautiful widow left the country.

The gentleman and his family knew the terrible truth about what had happened, and the man now realised that what he had experienced was the ghostly re-enactment of the whole sordid affair.

It is said that it is the ghost of Madeleine Smith that haunts 6/7 Blythwood Square, after she allegedly murdered her lover, Pierre Emile L'Angelier.

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