The Haunting Of Calvados Castle: The Evil Spirits That Haunted An Aristocrat & His Family.

In 1875, an aristocrat kept a diary of the hauntings that plagued his family in their Normandy castle. The incidents became so severe that they felt they were left with no choice but to bring in a priest to carry out an exorcism.

In 1875, a beautiful Normandy castle was host to a horrifying ghostly experience
In 1875, a beautiful Normandy castle was host to a horrifying ghostly experience

Diaries written by a French aristocrat who lived in a gloomy medieval castle set among the apple orchards of Normandy tell the story of one of the most violent hauntings ever recorded. Known simply as X, he recorded in vivid detail the extraordinary events that turned his historic home into a nightmare in the year 1875.

They began without warning. Everyone in Calvados Castle had settled down for the night when they were disturbed by ghostly wailing and weeping and rapping on the walls. The noises were heard by the entire household - X himself, his wife, his son, his son's tutor who was an abbe, Emile the coachman, and servants Auguste, Amelina and Celina.

After several nights of ever-increasing noise and disturbance, the aristocrat instructed that fine threads were to be strung across every entrance to the castle. He hoped, of course, that in the morning they would be broken, proving that someone had entered and was trying to terrorise them.

But the the threads remained intact. There was no escaping the fact that the forces existed within the castle walls. On Wednesday, October 13, 1875, X began keeping a diary. That night the abbe was alone in his room when he heard a series of sharp taps on the wall and a candlestick on the mantlepiece was lifted by an unseen hand.

The terror-stricken priest rang for X who found that not only had the candlestick been moved, but also an armchair which was normally fixed to the floor.

For the next two days, pounding on the walls, footsteps on the stairs and other un-nerving phenomena continued unabated. X and the abbe armed themselves with sticks and searched the castle from top to bottom. They could find no human explanation.

By October 31 the castle was hardly ever at peace. X recorded in his diary, "A very disturbed night. It sounded as if someone went up the stairs with superhuman speed from the ground floor, stamping his feet.

"Arriving on the landing, he gave five heavy blows, so strong that objects rattled in their places. Then it seemed as if a heavy anvil or a big log had been thrown at the wall so as to shake the house.

"Nobody could say where the blows came from, but everyone got up and assembled in the hall. The house only settled down at about three in the morning..."

The following night everyone was awakened by what sounded like a heavy body rolling downstairs, followed by blows so ferocious they seemed to rock the castle. Over the next few days, the haunting had become so violent the family felt it could not possibly get any worse. But greater ordeals were to come.

On the night of November 10, X wrote in his diary, "Everyone heard a long shriek and then another as of a woman outside calling for help. At 1.45 we suddenly heard three or four loud cries in the hall and then on the staircase."

Cries, screams and moans which "sounded like the cries of the damned" seemed to fill the whole castle. Heavy furniture was moved, windows flung open and - more terrifying - Bibles were torn and desecrated. The family began to wonder if the powers of darkness had taken over.

X's wife suddenly became the focus of attention. Hearing a noise in the abbe's room, she crept up the stairs and put out a hand to press down the latch on the door. Before she could touch it, she saw the key turn in the lock then remove itself, hitting her left hand with a sharp blow. The abbe, who had run up the stairs after her, saw it happen and afterwards testified that madame's hand was bruised for two days. That night something hammered on her door so furiously she thought it would break down.

The New Year brought only fresh terrors to the wretched family: louder knocking, more persistent voices. The worst day of all was January 26 when the noise was thunderous. "It sounded as if demons were driving herds of wild cattle through the rooms." peals of demonic laughter rang through the ancient walls. The family had had enough.

The next day a priest was called in to exorcise the evil spirit and the family saw to it that every religious medallion and relic they possessed was placed in full view. The treatment was effective and at last the hideous uproar ceased. To the family, who believed they would be forced to abandon their home, the peace that followed came a blessed relief. But the ghostly tormentors of Calvados had not quite finished. Shortly after the exorcism, all the religious relics disappeared and could not be found. Then, one morning, as the lady of the house sat writing at her desk an unseen hand dropped them one by one in front of her. There was one short burst of violent sound, then silence.

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