The Haunting Of Fox Hollow Farm: The True Story Of Horrific Murders And Restless Spirits

Updated: Apr 30

When the Graves family moved into Fox Hollow Farm in Indiana they had no idea what terror was awaiting them. This was the previous home of Herb Baumeister, the serial killer who murdered at least thirteen young men.

Fox Hollow Farm Haunting
Fox Hollow Farm is believed to be the home of many tormented spirits

Herb Baumeister the serial killer who brutally killed at least thirteen young men used to live at Fox Hollow Farm before he committed suicide in Canada following his escape from US law in the 1990s.

The bodies of his victims were buried all over the farm. US law enforcement recovered over 5,000 bone fragments from the farm, the Graves family would go on to discover even more.

The Graves reported hearing strange and frightening noises as well as seeing ghostly apparitions on the property, however, it was a man by the name of Joe LeBlanc who rented an apartment on the property who had the most terrifying experience.

Joe LeBlanc claimed that he made contact with the spirit of Herb Baumeister, even recording a particular session. A voice was heard, repeating the phrase, "The married one." This was in response to LeBlanc asking who was walking in the kitchen. All of the victims of Baumeister had been single men, this led him to the conclusion that the spirit he was hearing was that of Herb Baumeister himself.

This report would lead to serial killer Herb Baumeister once again being the subject of a TV show. The infamous Hamilton County serial killer was featured on "Paranormal Witness."

Baumeister was a Westfield businessman who authorities claimed had stalked gay bars in the mid-1990s in the Indianapolis area. He would pick up the unsuspecting men and drive them to Fox Hollow Farm before murdering and burying them.

He was classed as a suspect by police for the crimes, but he fled to Canada as authorities started digging up the backyard of the farm, the remains of several gay men were discovered on the grounds.

The Early Life Of Herb Baumeister

Herb Baumeister was the eldest in a family of four children, it is said that he lived a relatively normal childhood and certainly nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't until he approached adolescence that he started to exhibit antisocial behaviour, those who knew him later recalled how the young Baumeister would frequently play with dead animals and once urinated on his teacher's desk.

Herb Baumeister Serial Killer
Herb Baumeister is suspected of brutally murdering gay men throughout the 1990s

As a teenager, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia but never received any further psychiatric treatment. As an adult he went through several different jobs, being praised for having a strong work ethic, but becoming increasingly known for his unusual and somewhat bizarre behaviour. In 1971 he got married, in a relationship that would give him three children.

The Criminal Investigation Of Herb Baumeister

In the early 1990s, authorities from the Marion County Sheriff's Department as well as the Indianapolis Police Department started to investigate the disappearances of gay men in the Indianapolis area.

In 1993, investigators received a call from someone who claimed that a man in a gay bar calling himself "Ron Rosen" had murdered his friend and attempted to kill him. The police told the man to contact them if he ever saw the man again or could put a name to him. In November 1995, he called them again and supplied the man's license plate, the police then identified the reported killer as Herb Baumeister.

Fox Hollow Farm Ghosts
Fox Hollow Farm has been heavily investigated by leading paranormal experts

Authorities questioned Baumeister and explained to him that he was a suspect in the disappearances and requested he let them search his house. Herb Baumeister refused this request from the police, this led to them confronting his wife, Julie, she also refused to allow the police to search the property.

In June 1996, Julie Baumeister had become so afraid of her husband's erratic behaviour and aggressive mood swings that she filed for a divorce and then consented to the police search of Fox Hollow Farm.

The authorities decided to search the 18-acre Fox Hollow Farm estate whilst Herb Baumeister was on vacation, what the police uncovered was horrifying to say the very least, they found the remains of 11 men on the property, only 5 of which could ever be identified.

Herb Baumeister escaped to Ontario, Canada, where he killed himself by shooting himself in the head at the Pinery Provincial Park. He also left a suicide note, in which he blamed his failed business and marriage for his reason for killing himself. He did not mention, confess or deny the murders of any of the men that were found in his backyard.

Baumeister was not only suspected of the murders of the men found on his estate, the authorities also suspect him of killing nine more men. The other suspected victims of Baumeister were found in rural areas along Interstate 70 between Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Julie Baumeister told authorities that her husband Herb had made as many as 100 business trips to Ohio, on what he referred to as "store business."

The Haunting Of Fox Hollow Farm

As years passed by, the estate and large property stood empty. The property was placed on the market at an incredibly low price in the hope of selling the home that had such a violent history.

Eventually, Fox Hollow Farm was purchased by Rob and Vicky Graves. When the house was abandoned everything in it was removed, so when the Grave bought it, everything inside was brand new. The Graves believed that everything bad from the property was gone and well within the past, they would soon be proved wrong!

To start with everything was perfect and the couple had settled into their new dream home, until one day when Vicky had an unexplainable event occur.

Vicky Graves was attempting to vacuum up the gravel from around their indoor pool, the gravel had been trodden into the flooring by her children. Strangely she reported that the vacuum kept coming unplugged without any reason, this happened to her three times before she said that she was overcome with the feeling that she was not alone, she also described the feeling as if something didn't want her there. She shrugged the event off and didn't think much more of it.

Rob Graves worked at a local car dealership, and his friend and colleague Joe Le Blanc had been complaining of a long daily commute to work which was frequently making him late. Joe wanted to move closer to the dealership, after this, Rob suggested that Joe move into the spare apartment that was on the estate of Fox Hollow Farm.

Joe, who wasn't at all fazed by the dark history of the house quickly brought his dog Fred and all of his belongings and moved into the apartment.

Joe would very quickly become a victim to strange happenings whilst in the apartment. After he and Rob had finished moving him in, he fell asleep, exhausted from the long day. Whilst asleep Joe had a dream that he was running for his life, he explained that it felt like something terrible was chasing him. He woke up in a state of shock and panic and tried to run. He ran so hard into the door frame that he collapsed onto the floor in agony. Broken glass was everywhere and had even stuck into his hands. When he came round he wasn't sure what he thought he was running from, only the fact that he felt that it was something bad and he needed to get out.

One day when Vicky came home from work she found Rob painting, whilst looking over the work he had done she noticed there was a man wearing a red t-shirt standing in their yard. When the man turned and walked away from them she noticed that he appeared to have no legs, or if he did, she certainly couldn't see them, then suddenly he just vanished into thin air.

Vicky and Rob went out to the area where they had seen the man and found nothing, no man and no trace that anyone had been there. Rob decided to install CCTV around the property, hoping to catch the mystery trespasser if he returned.

Joe was in his apartment one night, washing dishes when he heard a knock on the door, the knocking got louder and faster but when Joe opened the door there was nobody there. He had a look around outside and couldn't see anyone, so went back inside and locked his door. At this point Joe reported a feeling of being watched, as his feeling of discomfort grew, his dog, Fred, started acting like he could see something in the room, Joe could see nothing.

On a different night, Joe was out walking Fred when he heard something in the woods. Fred stopped and his ears were pricked up straight like he was listening to something. As they headed back towards the apartment, Joe and his dog spotted a man in a red T-shirt, the stranger turned and walked back into the woods and then just vanished. Fred ran after the man back into the woods, Joe followed trying to catch up with his dog, not knowing the intentions of the mystery man they had just spotted. Joe claimed that whilst running after Fred, the man in the red T-shirt appeared again, this time right in front of him, looking directly into his face. Terrified, Joe turned around and ran for his life with Fred chasing close behind him.

When Joe got back to the apartment he went straight round to tell Rob and Vicky what had happened, they quickly realised that the man they had both seen, had been the same person.

On a separate night, Joe recalled how he was awakened once again by someone knocking on his front door, this time he called out asking who it was before opening the door, but no one replied. He felt the panels in his door vibrating from the knocking.

When Joe opened the still vibrating door he could see that yet again no one was there, however, the doorknocker was raised as if some unseen hand was ready to knock with it again, then suddenly it crashed down and made another loud knock before Joe slammed the door shut and bolted it.

Upon returning to his room Joe found his dog, Fred, growling whilst looking towards the door, this was followed by the sound of the doorknob turning. The doorknob twisted and rattled violently, suddenly the sound stopped, but after a few seconds the door burst open and wood chips went flying across the apartment.

Joe who at this point was terrified as well as completely baffled stepped out of the building to see if he could see anyone, no one was there, but as he turned to come back inside he could see a man in the apartment. The man was screaming and appeared to be running away from someone, he was trying to escape someone that Joe couldn't see. Joe started to suspect that his intruder was actually the spirit of one of Baumeister's unfortunate victims.

Joe, Rob, and Vicky started to research what was actually known about the events that had happened previously on Fox Hollow Farm. The three of them were watching some old news footage which included pictures of some of Baumeister's victims when Joe spotted a picture of what he believed was a ghost running for his life whilst in his apartment.

Although he accepted something extremely strange was going on at Fox Hollow Farm, Rob started to become concerned that Joe was becoming obsessed with the Herb Baumeister murder cases.

One day when Joe was walking through the woods with Fred, the dog took off running, after Joe caught up with him he noticed something under the leaves, when he dug it out it was a human bone.

He took it back to Rob and Vicky, who instantly knew it was a human bone, Vicky thought it was a Femur, it was found in the same area that he previously claimed to have seen the man wearing the red shirt.

Rob got in touch with the authorities and reported the finding to the lead detective working on the Baumeister case, who said he would come out as he wanted them to show him where the bone had been found.

A friend of Joe's, a man by the name of Jeremy, asked to come to the house as he was intrigued by Joe's stories of the paranormal encounters he claimed to have. The friends were diving in the pool trying to retrieve the dead beetles which had sunk to the bottom. Joe suddenly felt someone touch his back, his first thought was that it was Jeremy, but he quickly realised that he was on the other side of the pool.

Joe was then pulled under the water as he attempted to swim back towards where his friends were, he claimed that invisible, cold fingers gripped his neck and started choking him. Jeremy witnessed Joe grabbing at his neck, he said he had a panicked look on his face, like none he had ever seen before. Joe made it to the other end of the pool and jumped out in a state of terror and screamed for everyone else to get out of the pool.

Finally, Joe was sitting up one night working on his computer when he heard a metallic, scraping noise. When he went to see what it was he found a knife on the kitchen counter and cuts in the wooden walls.

This led Joe to wonder if someone had been stabbed in the kitchen.

After watching a ghost hunting show, he decided he would use his mobile phone and attempt to do an EVP session to see if he caught anything. He unplugged everything in the apartment that could make any noises.

Joe asked if there was anyone there, and within a few seconds, Fred started barking. Joe took his mobile phone to his computer to listen and see if anything had been recorded, astonishingly there appeared to be a clear response to his question.

The voice on the recording said "The married one." All of Herb Baumeister's victims had been single gay men, the only single one was the killer himself.

Joe LeBlanc was convinced that Herbert Baumeister had returned from the grave, even though he committed suicide in Ontario, he believes that evil never dies and it simply changes form and continues to be a form of evil.

Even today, the current residents, as well as visitors to Fox Hall Farm, had reported paranormal activity, ranging from unnerving feelings, unexplainable noises, and even more sightings of apparitions within the house and the grounds.

A fascinating story surrounding the Fox Hollow Farm reported hauntings, let us know your opinions on this one in the comments section below. Now you have read about Fox Hollow Farm, make sure you check out the story of the cursed Hexham Heads.


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