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The Little Witch Girl And The Watcher Of Pilot's Knob

The story of two anguished souls who are said to still haunt the Pilot's Knob Cemetery in Marion, Kentucky, USA. Legend tells of how a mother and daughter were burned at the stake for being witches, it is believed that the little girl is still trapped inside her concrete grave.

The witch of Pilots Knob
The legend began when 5-year-old Mary Evelyn is believed to have been burned at the stake along with her mother

Pilot Knob Cemetery is located in Marion, Crittenden County, Kentucky, and is home to a well known local legend known as the little witch girl & the watcher. The story begins in 1916, when a 5-year-old little girl called Mary Evelyn Ford and her mother were accused of witchcraft.

Not wanting to wait for a fair trial, it is said that they were hunted down by an angry mob of god fearing townsfolk, before being captured, tied up and burned at the stake. It is reported that the mother screamed out in despair for the mob to spare her young child, but the screams came to no avail and they were both burned alive.

After the brutal slaying of the young girl, the locals started to fear that they may face consequences for their actions, still believing that they were dealing with witches they decided to make sure that the spirit of the child could not return from the dead to seek revenge.

It is unknown as to where the mother is buried but young Mary Evelyn Ford was buried in Pilot's Knob inside a reinforced steel coffin. After lowering the girls coffin into the ground it was then filled with concrete and covered in gravel before being surrounded by a steel fence all the way around her grave site. The fence was made with interconnecting crosses that they believed would keep the spirit of the witch girl trapped within its perimeter.

Many locals believe strongly in the ghost of Mary Evelyn Ford and have even reported to see child size footprints appear in the gravel during the night, some say that this is Mary searching for her mother but being unable to leave the confines of the fence.

There is also a saying around the town, that if you stand close enough to the grave at night the hand of Mary will push through the gravel and pull you towards it.

The grave of Mary Evelyn Ford
The grave of Mary Evelyn Ford is still there today, filled with concrete and surrounded by the original white fence

The little witch girl is not the only report of paranormal activity that comes out of Pilot's Knob Cemetery, there is also the tale of the Pilot's Knob Watcher.

It is said that the Pilot's Knob Watcher resides around the lonely prison grave of Mary Evelyn Ford, and makes its presence known to those who pass by, causing them to be overwhelmed with a feeling of fear and anxiousness, knowing that they are not wanted there.

People have reported that the sense of a presence being there is so strong, however, no one ever is, even though you can feel deep down that someone is watching you, right over your shoulder but never in sight.

Visitors have described the feeling as being so intense that you can almost feel the breath of whatever is watching you, giving you the urgency to leave immediately.

Witch grave at Pilot's Knob
The memorial stone that is sat within the prison style grave of Mary Evelyn Ford

Some say that the Pilot's Knob Watcher is the spirit of the child's mother, still filled with anger and rage after the horrendous murder of her beloved daughter, destined to protect her resting place for eternity but never being able to reach her.

Others say that The Watcher is a malevolent spirit that haunts the grave of the child to ensure that the spirit remains within the bounds of her steel and concrete prison for all of eternity.

There is very little credible information available about this legend so we cannot confirm with certainty to it's true routes, however, it is fact that the grave of little Mary Evelyn Ford still stands within the grounds of Pilot's Knob Cemetery, filled with concrete and surrounded by a an interlinked white fence, the locals also tell how the paranormal happenings are very real. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, if you have ever visited Pilot's Knob Cemetery we would love to hear from you! Now you have read the story of the witch girl and watcher make sure you check out the story of Meg Shelton, the witch of Woodplumpton.


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