Gottliebin Dittus: The Terrifying Haunting That Turned Into A Possession In The Black Forest

The year was 1842 In the rural German Village of Mottlingen, that sits within the Black Forest. The story of Gottliebin Dittos and her demonic possession and exorcism is truly petrifying.

The exorcism of Gottliebin Dittus
In 1842 it is said that Reverend Blumhardt started the exorcism on Gottliebin Dittus

Going all the way back to the 1800s we can reveal the terrifying story of Gottliebin Dittus, a 28-year-old woman, from Mottlingen, a small German village situated within the Black Forest.

Dittus was raised in a strictly Lutheran family with a oppressively religious and highly superstitious upbringing. Her parents died when she was still relatively young and she lived with her siblings and would attend church services that were ran by a fire and brimstone, fanatical type pastor named Johann Christoph Blumhardt.

in 1842, local people who lived close to the Dittus home started to become concerned about unusual noises that would come from the property during the night, some of the noises were reported to sound violent which led the neighbours to suspect that some form of abuse maybe happening inside.

A doctor as well as some of the other locals decided to stay in the house for a night to try and get an idea of what was going on, they were met with a string of paranormal activities, such as furniture moving around the room on its own, unexplainable thuds and scrapes as well as loud bangs that they reported sounding like they were coming from "within the very walls," this led them to the conclusion that the Dittus house was actually haunted.

The strange phenomena continued and gradually increased in intensity and things got worse. Dittus started to claim that she was being visited in the night by a ghostly spectre of a woman who was holding a baby in her arms, she also started to experience sudden blackouts, one particular strong occurrence was when she went into a trance-like state and became completely unresponsive for a full day, before just snapping out of it like nothing had happened and no memory of what had gone on.

Word started to spread around the small and superstitious village, speaking about how the Dittus property was cursed, haunted or both. Most of the paranormal activity seemed to focus itself around Gottliebin Dittus, so the family decided to send her to live with a cousin, however, this left the other siblings in peace but not Gottliebin as the haunting appeared to follow her to her new home.

The Possession of Gottliebin Dittus
The possession of Gottliebin Dittus started in Möttlingen, Black Forest, Germany

The worrying story of Gottliebin Dittus even captured the attention of Reverend Blumhardt himself, who decided to visit the young woman. Upon meeting with Gottliebin, Blumhardt came to the conclusion that she was in fact possessed by a demon, reporting that he had witnessed her speaking in different voices, having intense bouts of cursing and profanities as well as having violent convulsive fits.

Gottliebin's siblings also spoke about how she would suddenly go into one of her trance-like states and attack them for no reason and with no prior warning, after which she would never be able to remember anything.

Reverend Blumhardt decided to take it upon himself to offer her spiritual support and take care of her through her horrifying experiences, Gottliebin started to trust the Reverend and confided in him with some extremely bizarre information.

She claimed that when she was just a small child that evil spirits had come and attempted to kidnap her, but her mother managed to drive them away with her protective prayers, she also claimed that her aunt was a witch.

Gottliebin Dittus demonic possession
Reverend Blumhardt took the decision to attempt to rid Gottliebin Dittus of her demon

This progressed at somewhat of an alarming rate, it got to the point where the alleged demon would possess Gottliebin and speak directly to Blumhardt through her.

The woman would speak through Gottliebin in a voice that was not her own and the possessing spirit claimed to be the same one that had been visiting Gottliebin in the night.

The spirit told Blumhardt that she was a widow who had murdered two people during her lifetime, and that her cruel acts had drawn the devil into her, turning this case into a situation where it was believed that the devil was possessing a spirit who was then in turn possessing Gottliebin.

If one spirit possessing you wasn't enough, apparently even more spirits began tormenting Gottliebin and letting themselves be known, eventually it was claimed that potentially hundreds of different spirits were residing within this one young woman.

Many of the spirits are said to have made the same claim as the original, stating that they were in fact victims of demonic possessions themselves and some even claimed they where trying to find some form of refuse within Gottliebin to escape from the evil that was haunting them.

Blumhardt became extremely concerned for the situation and immediately began to start the process of exorcism, which led to a big increase in paranormal phenomena surrounding Gottliebin.

She became even more unruly and extremely violent, frequently requiring restraining during the exorcism attempts, her cursing and vile rantings got more intense and she is even said to have exhibited the terrifying habit of vomiting sand, nails, glass and huge amounts of blood.

At an even stranger point in the story, Gottliebin told the Reverend how some of the spirits had left her body and gone to cause tragedy thousands of miles away, she claimed that they had allegedly caused an earthquake.

It wasn't long before news got back to Blumhardt that there had actually been a devastating earth quake in the West Indies, which Gottliebin could never have known about, this led to strengthen Blumhardt's conviction that this was a genuine possession and he needed to follow through with the exorcism to the very end.

The very end however was a long time away, the intense and often dangerous exorcism dragged on for almost 2-years. As the exorcism rituals went on the demon-infested spirits appeared to become more desperate and even more violent as their hold over Gottliebin began to weaken. Some of the spirits were said to be especially defiant, even threatening Blumhardt and his family with violence and death.

According to the reports, the spirits are said to have actually left the body of Gottliebin and attacked her sister, Katharina, who also became possessed in much of a similar way that her sister Gottliebin had been.

It is said that Reverend Blumhardt managed to defeat the spirits that possessed both of the woman, causing them to leave the women one by one after realising that they would not win against the priest, after they left it is said that Gottliebin shouted out "Jesus is Victor."

At the time of high superstition, the story of the successful exorcism carried out by Blumhardt turned him into somewhat of a hero, causing people from miles around to travel to his church to listen to his sermons.

Blumhardt appeared to bask in the glory and took in his newfound popularity, he even started making outlandish claims that he could banish out any evil spirits at any time as well as perform healings for people.

Following on off the back of his newfound fame, Blumhardt went onto open a retreat at a thermal spa in 1853 and claimed that he was able to cure all types of illnesses, health conditions and disabilities.

It is also believed that Gottliebin even joined Blumhardt to help in his cause as a payback for what he had done for her with ridding the evil spirits.

In 1850, Blumhardt also wrote a book about the harrowing exorcism, called Blumhardt’s Battle. He would continue to run his spa and retreat and perform faith healings on people from far and wide until his death in 1880.

This is a fascinating story coming out of Germany in the 1800s from the Black Forest, an area that still to this day is surrounded by stories of the paranormal. We would love to hear your opinions on this story in the comments section below. Now you have read the story of the Possession of Gottliebin Dittus, make sure you check out the story of Meg Shelton, the Witch of Woodplumpton.


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