The Resentful Ghost Of The Elderly German Woman Who Haunted An American Family Home

When Michelle and her family moved into their new home they didn't expect to have to deal with the previous owner, read Michelle's first hand terrifying story of the haunting of her new home.

German Ghost Woman
Michelle and her family got more than they bargained for when they moved into their new home

The paranormal activity that surrounded Michelle and her family started on the very first day that they moved into their new rented property. The home had come available on a two-year lease and Michelle thought it would make the perfect home for her and her family.

As you expect with any house move, the first day was somewhat of a hectic one and Michelle was busy unpacking and sorting out all the rooms, she knew that everyone would soon be in need of a break so she got the television set up in the living room and placed a chair in front of it, ready to get off her feet for five minutes Michelle sat down.

Within just a few minutes, Michelle said that she could feel something compelling her to look to her left, before she saw what she described as a ghostly vision of an elderly woman laying on the floor, appearing as if she was reaching up for assistance.

Michelle tried to blank this from her mind and put it down to her imagination running in overdrive due to the stress of the move, before continuing with her busy day of unpacking and sorting.

Unfortunately for Michelle the vision that she thought she had witnessed didn't go away. “This happened every time I sat in the family room,” she said. “I even rearranged the room, but every time I sat down I would get this thought or vision of an old lady on the floor needing help to get up, like she had fallen.”

The visions were only the beginning of the events and soon progressed to what would be described as more physical manifestations, this time not just confined to the living room. On numerous occasions whilst Michelle was driving alone in her car, she would get the feeling as though someone was kicking the back of the driver's seat. “Several times I would be in a deep trance and think it was one of my kids,” she says, “then realise no kids are were with me."

Another strange incident that happened would involve a music CD, having a collection of only 10 music CD's in the car Michelle had a favourite that she would frequently listen to. “It had a song on there that spoke of voodoo,” she says. (Michelle always had an interest with certain paranormal subjects.) “I started to notice the connection – that song and the seat getting kicked.”

Randomly one day the CD just appeared to have vanished from the car, Michelle checked everywhere in the car that it could possibly have been, CD player, under the seats, on the floor, the back, everywhere, but the CD wasn't there.

“After long forgetting about it,” Michelle remembers, “one morning I came out to my car, got in – and there was the long-lost CD just sitting on the centre console."

So far it was only Michelle that had witnessed the unusual happenings, however, that would soon change. One morning during the normal rush to get everyone off to school, one of Michelle's daughters went down into the basement to get her clothes out of the dryer, as she was in the basement she let out a sharp, short scream, complaining to Michelle that something had pinched her hard on her shoulder.

Old woman ghost
Michelle claims that the spirit of an elderly German woman frequently attacked her family

At the time Michelle didn't pay much attention to her daughters complaint, she presumed she was just being over dramatic about a muscle twinge or something similar. It wasn't until everyone else had left the property and Michelle went down into the basement to fetch clothes from the dryer that she also felt a hard pinch, this one was on the back of her calf.

“It actually stung and left a red welt,” says Michelle. “I instantly looked for a bug or anything that could have caused it. Nothing. Then I recalled what my daughter had said earlier.”

The unexplainable pinches started to become more frequent, later that same day, Michelle was doing her daily chores, she was washing the dishes at the time and then felt a short, sharp pain in her shoulder, another pinch but this time with considerable force. This time Michelle knew it wasn't her imagination and upon checking her shoulder in the mirror she could visibly see a bright red mark and what looked like a scratch.

After the scratching incident things appeared to go quiet for about a week, it wouldn't last though! One night when the family were all sat watching a TV show, which happened to be a paranormal reality show, one of the daughters made the comment that "it would be so cool to be a witch, I would put spells on people I don't like."

The family started laughing at the daughters comment, then the girl suddenly bolted out of her chair holding the back of her head, clearly terrified, “Mom, I just got pinched on the head!” she said.

Michelle quickly go up to look. “I separated her hair, and sure enough she had that red welt on her scalp.”

Again the family had a bit of quiet spell with not much happening in terms of unexplainable incidents, until one evening when Michelle was in the house on her own, curled up on the sofa reading an article on her laptop that popped up about voodoo, a subject that she had a modest interest in.

Michelle was just a couple of paragraphs into her article when she began to hear the sound of footsteps stomping up the basement steps. “I just remember being terrified and instantly closing the laptop, feeling like a kid who is doing something they are not supposed to,” she says. “I knew no one was in the house, much less in the basement, which had bars on the windows.”

Michelle's two small dogs had been asleep on the sofa next to her and they instantly bolted up and stood staring into the kitchen, towards the basement door. The hair on the dogs back stood up and they stared intently towards the basement door. Michelle's chair faced away from the kitchen, so whatever was making the stomping noises, was behind her.

“I was frozen in that chair,” Michelle admits. “I just stared straight ahead and could just feel it behind me.”

The dogs started to bark frantically, Michelle still terrified and still stuck in her chair out of fear shouted out, “Get out of here! Now!”

After a few tense moments, Michelle could sense that whatever it was had started to retreat, the footsteps stopped and the dogs had stopped barking, however, they kept their attention completely on the kitchen.

In an attempt to distract herself from her fear of what had just happened, Michelle turned on the TV whilst trying to muster up the courage to go and take a look in the kitchen. The dogs followed her closely into the kitchen whilst she opened the basement door, nothing unusual appeared to be there, but the dogs just stared in a gaze down into the darkness of the basement.

“What was even creepier was the next day,” says Michelle. “The dogs would periodically walk over to the stairs and look down again.”

Michelle decided to try and do a bit of investigative work to see if there was any obvious reasons behind the paranormal activity that was plaguing her home.

After speaking to a neighbour, Michelle found out some information that shocked her, but brought the pieces together and the story all of a sudden made sense to her.

The previous owner of the property was an elderly German woman, the neighbour told Michelle that the woman who had lived there was a strict Catholic widow and she was particularly unfriendly.

The neighbour told Michelle that one day the old woman had a fall and was unable to get up, laying on the floor for a full day before she could get any help. That was clearly the vision that Michelle had experienced in the living room. The elderly German woman was transferred to a nursing home after her fall but died shortly afterwards.

“The home somehow ended up in foreclosure, and a reality company scooped it up cheap and leased it to me,” Michelle says. “I am positive the old woman’s spirit resented my beliefs and interest in the paranormal. She tried to intimidate my family and it didn’t work out for her.”

Michelle claims that she wasn't intimidated by the ghostly happenings, however, her and her family moved out very shortly afterwards. Now you have read the story of the haunting at Michelle's family home, make sure you check out the true story of the Black Eyed Children of Cannock Chase.


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