The Story Of Erin Caffey: The 16-Year-Old Who Orchestrated The Brutal Massacre Of Her Family

When Erin Caffey's parents prohibited her from seeing her boyfriend, she decided to take her revenge, by convincing her boyfriend to brutally murder them whilst they slept.

Erin Caffey is believed to be the mastermind behind her families massacre in 2008
Erin Caffey is believed to be the mastermind behind her families massacre in 2008

On March 1, 2008, In Alba, Texas, two men broke into the home of the Caffey family, this was the start of a brutal triple murder that left two young children and their mother dead. The only people who would come out alive were 16-year-old Erin Caffey and her father, Terry Caffey, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds before the killers set the home on fire.

The brutal killings left the nation in complete shock, even more so when authorities revealed that the mastermind behind the whole massacre was 16-year-old Erin Caffey.

The Relationship of Erin Caffey & Charlie Wilkinson

It was five months before the killings that the tragic fate of the Caffey family was set in motion, when 16-year-old Erin Caffey started a relationship with 18-year-old Charlie Wilkinson.

The couple got together whilst Caffey was working as a part-time waitress at Sonic fast-food outlet, and it didn't take long before their relationship grew serious. Wilkinson frequently spoke about his desire to marry Caffey and even gave her his grandmothers ring.

The parents of Erin were never keen on the relationship between the pair, Terry Caffey later said that he had reservations about Wilkinson from the start, he said "There were just things about him that didn't sit right with me." His instinct was certainly right.

Erin Caffey pictures with her boyfriend Charlie Wilkinson
Erin Caffey pictured with her boyfriend Charlie Wilkinson

The Caffeys held a strong passion for music and were also heavily involved in their local church. The brothers of Erin Caffey, 13-year-old Matthew, and eight-year-old Tyler, played the harmonica and the guitar, respectively. Penny Carrey, their mother, played the piano at church, whilst Erin Caffey was the vocalist of the family - until she met Charlie Wilkinson that is.

After the relationship began, the musical, church-going teenager started to slip up in school. Her parents decided that they would check out their daughters new boyfriend online, when they found the Myspace page of Charlie Wilkinson, they decided they had to try and keep him away from their daughter.

The Caffey parents were concerned with his page that was full of stories of drinking alcohol and littered with sexual references. In February 2008, Erin Caffey broke the "phone curfew" her parents had imposed, it was at this time the parents demanded that she end the relationship once and for all

The Caffey family, with Erin Caffey pictured on the far right
The Caffey family, with Erin Caffey pictured on the far right

That very same month, Erin Caffey was openly telling her friends that she wanted to kill both of her parents, she said that this was the only way she believed her and Wilkinson could be together.

The Massacre Of The Caffey Family

The threatening talk quickly turned into something much more serious, Erin Caffey along with Charlie Wilkinson and his friend Charles Waid hatched a murderous plan to carry out Erin's initial threats.

The details of who actually masterminded the plan to murder the Caffey's differs, depending on who you listen to, but Terry Caffey claims that the whole plot was the idea of his daughter. Charlie Wilkinson claims that he had suggested that him and Erin Caffey simply ran away together, but states that Caffey insisted on the murder plan instead.

On March 1, 2008, the day of the massacre, Wilkinson and Waid pulled into the driveway of the Caffey home, Waid's girlfriend Bobbi Johnson, and Erin Caffey waited in the car.

Before they broke into the home, Wilkinson is said to have warned Caffey that he would have to kill her younger brothers to ensure that no witnesses would be left. She is reported to have responded by saying, "I don't care, just do what you gotta do."

Once they were inside the Caffey home, Wilkinson made his way to the bedroom of Terry and Penny and started firing shots at the couple with a .22 pistol as they slept in their bed. Terry Caffey, after being shot multiple times had to watch as his wife died, he was unable to speak or move.

During the attack, Wilkinson's gun jammed, so Waid pulled out a samurai-style sword and struck Penny with it, almost decapitating her.

The murderous duo then headed upstairs to where Matthew and Tyler were hiding. Terry reported hearing his son Matthew cry out, "No, Charlie. No. Why are you doing this?"

Terry, was helpless, as he drifted in and out of consciousness, he could do nothing to save his children. Tyler was killed by being shot in the face with the gun, whilst Matthew was brutally hacked to death, when both Wilkinson and Waid took turns with the sword on him.

Authorities pictured at the Caffey home after the massacre
Authorities pictured at the Caffey home after the massacre

After the pair were satisfied that the entire family was dead they looted the house for valuables as Wilkinson had promised Waid $2,000 for his help in the horrific crime. After stealing what they could, they covered the furniture in lighter fluid and set the house on fire.

Somehow, Terry Caffey gained consciousness as the home was engulfed in flames and managed to crawl out of a window. It took him just over an hour to crawl to the home of his nearest neighbour, when he got there, the police were called. When the call handler asked the neighbour where Terry was bleeding from, he replied, "where isn't he bleeding from?"

Terry was quickly taken into emergency surgery, as soon as his condition was stabilised and he was able to talk, he told the authorities that it was Charlie Wilkinson who had massacred his family.

The police quickly tracked down Wilkinson and brought him in for questioning. They found Erin Caffey in the trailer where he was living, and noted that she appeared to be in a state of shock, even telling authorities that she had been kidnapped.

Mugshot of Erin Caffey after she was taken into custody following the massacre of her family
Mugshot of Erin Caffey after she was taken into custody following the massacre of her family

The Trial & Sentencing Of Erin Caffey

It took authorities less than 24 hours after responding to the massacre at the Caffey home before they had all four suspects in police custody.

The initial kidnapping story that Erin Caffey told to police quickly fell apart. Both Wilkinson and Wade told police the same story: the murders were all her idea. Caffey kept to her story and insisted to her grandparents that she had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of her family.

Wilkinson went onto testify that he had insisted that he and Erin ran away together. In the end, Caffey, Wilkinson, Waid, and Johnson, were all charged with three counts of capital murder.

Both Wilkinson and Waid were given life sentences without the possibility of parole. Caffey was also sentenced to life, though she will be eligible to apply for parole after 40 years. Bobbi Johnson pled guilty to being an accomplice who did not use a weapon, she was sentenced to 40 years in prison but will be eligible to apply for parole after 20 years.

initially, the prosecution sought the death penalty for both Wilkinson and Waid, it was Terry Caffey who stepped in and requested this not to be the case, despite the horrific crimes that had been committed against him and his family, his faith had taught him forgiveness, which he said he must live by.

Terry Caffey is the only person who has maintained a relationship with his daughter Erin. Erin Caffey still to this day denies her role in the planning of the murder, claiming she tried to run away from Wilkinson on the night of the massacre, but he forced her to stay in the car.

Erin Caffey recently appeared on Killer Women With Piers Morgan, after the show was aired, Piers Morgan said, "In Erin Caffey's case you know you are looking at evil. She is the most evil woman I have ever met"

Israel Lewis, a criminal therapist who worked with her after her capture, said, "I've never come across anyone as dangerous as Erin."

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