The Untold Australian UFO Incident That Impacted The Contactee For The Rest Of His Life

Updated: Jan 17

This is the first-hand account written in the words of the contactee from Southern Australia. This incident occurred 41 years ago and the story is absolutely fascinating. An unknown alien encounter that has just been released in 2022.

The untold UFO encounter from Australia
The untold UFO encounter from Australia

Today we are privileged to be able to share with you the real-life events that occurred in South Australia 41 years ago, a man by the name of Kevin has told us, in his own words about the fascinating incident that he experienced that has played a huge part in his life afterward, here is his story in his own exact words. See below for his exact account of the incident as it unfolded.

The Story Of Kevin G - Told By The Contactee Himself

The eighteenth of September 1980, a change of life, attitude, and enlightenment or introduction into the unknown, a subject that can be denied or written off as imagination. I write this as an accurate account of what took place that evening with no emphasis as to convince anyone to change their outlook as to whether UFOs or visitations from aliens exist or not.

The time was approaching five-thirty p.m., daylight saving had not yet been introduced. The location was Torrens Island, Gillman; as stated above the date was the eighteenth of September 1980.

I had been out of hospital for about three weeks after having an operation on my right knee. During this period of time, my neighbour who lived at the rear of my house had taken me to a good fishing spot behind the Globe Derby Trotting Track, heading towards the Torrens Island power station. To arrive at this location incorporated a lengthy walk approximately six kilometres or so, along roadways inside the I.C.I salt lakes. My neighbour and I had a good success in catching fish at this location so I decided to go back there and try again.

I phoned my younger brother and asked him if he would like to accompany me, he replied yes, I arranged my fishing gear, namely a rod, fishing tackle box, transistor radio, and an old kerosene lantern. As previously stated, it was a lengthy walk, so I asked Peter to have two of his pushbikes ready so we would not have to walk to the location. He agreed.

Peter lived with my parents, their house was located on the Salisbury Highway, Parafield Gardens, I lived and still do at Salisbury North. I left my house at four fifteen p.m. and arrived at my parents' at approximately four-thirty. Peter was waiting out in the driveway for me and when I arrived, I drove my car up the driveway and loaded his fishing items and the two pushbikes into the boot of my car. We then proceeded to drive down the Salisbury Highway towards the Globe Derby Trotting Track. The drive would have taken approximately fifteen minutes, estimated time would have been about four forty-five.

Photograph has been provided by Kevin showing the area in which his encounter occured.
Photograph has been provided by Kevin showing the area in which his encounter occurred.

I parked my car at the entrance of the I.C.I Salt Lakes. The surrounding area then was very isolated. To be able to gain access to the road inside the I.C.I. Works you had to climb a gate that was permanently locked. We had removed the bikes and fishing items from the car along with the transistor radio and the kerosene lantern, and once over the first gate, we rode the bikes towards the location we were going to fish.

We rode past a salt pan on our right and headed towards a wooden footbridge wide enough for the I.C.I. vehicles to drive over. This footbridge had water running underneath it, heading towards the salt pans on our left. As we rode over this bridge you could hear the wooden planks creak, also a slight noise of the water being pumped through the troughs. Over the bridge around to the left, still on a dirt road over another locked gate, and proceeded towards the Torrens Island Power Station.

We had approached another gate, lifted the bikes over, and climbed over the gate, we headed forward with the power station slowly disappearing due to the road sloping downward but quite visible were the two chimney stacks belonging to the power station. On our left mangroves, are very high and dense. On our right mangroves and the pylons with their cables also heading towards the power station. The road was straight now and shortly we were at our fishing location. We placed the pushbikes alongside one of the pylons, supported by a large concrete base, possibly six feet away from the water's edge.

The tide was slow, an occasional splash of water against the rocks that were placed at the water's edge. High tide was not expected until nine-fifteen, but being an artificial channel had little effect on the fish. The sky was clear, with one or two clouds immediately between the power station's chimneys and ourselves. The birdlife was loud with occasional squarks and the fluttering of wings mostly within the confines of the mangroves, an echoing sound that creates a good environment rather than a lonely one when you are fishing.

My brother was about five feet away from me to my left and was fishing at the bend of this channel. I was fishing directly toward the power station's chimneys but in the channel of this area of water. I had previously turned by transistor radio on, it was softly playing in the background. The light was slowly diminishing, but still good enough to see by. The fish were stealing the bait but not hooking, so we were constantly rebaiting our hooks. The time was approximately six o'clock.

The light had suddenly faded so I headed toward the pylon where I had left the bikes and the kerosine lantern. I lifted the kero lantern off the pylon and lit it; to those not familiar with kerosine lanterns, you wind up the wick, lift the glass surrounding the lamp and light the wick. There is a catch to lift the glass up and lower the glass as well. Once completed and burning, I walked back to my rod, wound it in, and rebaited the line with the aid of the light of the lantern.

My fishing rod is a Jarvis Walker brand, a side caster, and being a relatively experienced fisherman, I would at most times wind it in at different speeds and the tension naturally would tighten the line on the reel making it awkward to cast out, so through habit, I would watch the sinkers at the end of the line so when I did cast out, I could see where they were heading and if necessary, get out of the way if they followed me whilst casting out. It was now dusk, the sky was a clear darkish color, but for these two clouds still in front of me. I looked back at my fishing rod, the sinkers, and proceeded to cast out. I was watching the way the line was coming out of the tip of the road and the direction the sinkers were flying through the air when I was distracted by this odd glow in the sky. It was there long enough for me to gaze at but I could not come to any conclusion as to what it was that I was watching. When I tried to understand what it was it vanished.

I was a little dumbfounded and curious as to how the glow went or better still where it went, I looked slowly around the sky, left, right, up, down, then there it was again. It had moved from where I had first observed it to slightly from my right to my left, approximately twenty yards onwards in front of me. This time though it appeared somewhat different. It was just sitting there motionless. I was excited, I don't know why, but there it was.

The light had an outline to it, a type of round top and what appeared to be wings or things protruding from each side of it. It gave the appearance that it looked like a bowl tipped upside down, it was incredibly different. I became increasingly excited, nervous, an odd feeling, then just as I was accepting it, it disappeared again.

I called out to my brother, "Hey Pete, someone is playing tricks with the lights in the sky." Peter replied something, I do not know exactly what he had said, so I repeated what I had said to him, someone is playing tricks with the lights in the sky. Peter advanced a little closer to me, and we both looked up to the sky. On doing this, something odd occurred. There was this silence, no rippling of the water, no sounds of the birds squawking, no fluttering of wings, no nothing, it's as though time stood still, then out of nowhere, it's there, immediately above us.

This huge dull white object, long, incredibly long, it made no sound, no movement, no glowing, just a dull long white object, it's there just sitting in the night sky, no noise, no movement, I'm affixed. It's long, I mean long just sitting there, I am distracted I had this thought that it was the kerosene lanterns light that was attracting them. I somehow got to the lantern, I started blowing on the lantern's glass, nothing happened, the wick was still burning, I shook the lantern, it was still giving off light, lift the glass, lift the glass, these words seemed to echo inside my head, I lifted the glass, and blew at the wick, nothing, still burning, so I placed my fingers on the burning wick, and smothered the flame, got it, it's out.

I felt isolated, alone, as though my brother and I were separated. I turned around; I could see this light high up in the sky. It's moved, it's coming at me, it dips, it changes shape, I'm getting frightened it is... it's a flying saucer, it's coming at me, it's in the sky, in front of me. It's golden, so perfect, so beautiful, I'm no longer me, I'm ... somewhere... Eyes, that's all I remember, I feel like a pair of eyes just viewing.

My brother and I are now on our pushbikes pedaling like crazy, the gates we had to climb over on the way down somehow, we were past them, the car was in sight, I kept saying to my brother pedal, pedal, don't look back, don't look back. The back of my neck hurts, my body feels so heavy, it feels as though someone or something is pushing down on my shoulders trying to crush my body, not an ache, just this feeling of heaviness on me and a definite knowledge of not to look back. I didn't dare.

We are now in my car, we put the fishing items etc, into the boot, we must have done although fear must have taken over because neither of us can recall how we have done that, we still don't know how we got over the locked gates. We have just headed past Globe Derby Trotting Track, quickly, but safely, now we are on Port Wakefield Road, a U-turn, back down Port Wakefield Road, heading towards the Salisbury Highway.

Not a word has been spoken, we are both still frightened, we have now just entered Parafield Gardens, the silence is broken; what do you reckon we saw Kev, asked Peter. No reply from me. We are now in the driveway of my parents' home, we get out of the car, open the boot and unload the bikes and fishing gear. Peter had gone inside. After placing the bikes alongside the side of the house I made my way inside. My parents were watching television, I cannot recall what they were watching, but on arrival in the lounge, my mother asked why we were home so early, I looked at the clock and noticed it was nine thirty-five p.m. Almost together we both replied we had seen a UFO.

My mother smirked and I guess somewhat jokingly asked what have you two been drinking, dad said we were both stupid, I became wild, said my goodbyes, and feeling somewhat strange decided to go home. It was while driving home I became a little more frightened about what had just taken place, and suddenly had this incredible flash in my mind of objects, the small ones and the huge one and especially the gold coloured one. Already I had a name for the huge object, I called it a mothership. Don't ask why, it just came to me as such. I also had this feeling of everything happening too quickly. My mind was racing and all I wanted to do was to get to my house.

As I parked my car in my driveway, my wife came outside, she had turned the front porch light on and as I scrambled out of the car, she greeted me and virtually in the same breath told me that Neil was here and had been for about half of an hour (Neil was a friend who used to work at the same company is I did) and that he was just about to leave. As my wife completed telling me this Neil appeared. I was making my way toward the front door, when Neil stared at me and said with an odd look on his face, "you look as though you've seen a ghost," "no," I replied, "I've seen a UFO."

Neil gave a wry type of grin, my wife said "you saw WHAT?" quite smartly, and I replied to them that I had seen a UFO. We made our way inside the house and once settled, Neil asked if I was serious and I told him "yes."

I noticed the time was nine fifty-five p.m.; after a little discussion, Neil suggested phoning the "Advertiser" to confirm if anyone else had seen or reported any sightings. It seemed a great idea, confirmation; I was still scared, but this sudden excitement of someone else seeing these objects outweighed the way I felt. I stumbled through the telephone pages, Neil took over, he found the phone number, read it to me and I commenced dialing. My finger was shaking but not as much as my hand and a couple of times I dialed the same number just through my shaking. I had to hang up and redial, finally, I got it, the person who answered the call at the "Advertiser" asked if he could help me. I said, "has anyone phoned in about a UFO sighting tonight?" The phone went dead, whoever it was had hung up on me.

I now needed confirmation as to why else had seen these objects; who could we call? Neil suggested a UFO club. Not knowing anything about these matters, we went about searching the phone book for UFO clubs. One would have thought that they would be listed under "UFO Clubs", but not so; finally, there it was re Colin Norris. I phoned his number. He was not at home but had left his liaison officer's name and number, so I phoned him.

"Hello, Danny speaking", I asked him if he had any phone calls about a sighting tonight, he said, "no, why?". I sparingly told him what my brother and I had seen, Danny then asked me where I lived, he has asked if he could come over to my house, I told him "no problems." He said he would be over in about five minutes, I was surprised, it turned out that he lived just a few streets away from me. Ten minutes had elapsed, my wife, Neil, and I were sitting in the lounge when a car pulled in our driveway, then a knock on the door. My wife answered the door, Danny had introduced himself to my wife; he came inside, introduced himself to Neil and myself, and had asked permission for me to be interviewed.

The time was now ten fifteen p.m. My wife made us all a cup of coffee, I was a little nervous, and with Danny's questions, I seemed to be reliving the night's happenings. During the course of being interviewed, Neil had said his goodbyes, and my wife had gone to bed. Danny finally made his way home after lengthy questioning and answering session. He compiled my statement of events and also took with him a recorded tape session of what I had talked about. It occurred to me that I was alone, momentarily this thought of a head went through my mind and more so black eyes, very sense black eyes. I panicked, and looked around the room, nothing, I felt strange, I did not really know what to do, the time was now one-thirty in the morning: I collected my thoughts, made my way to the light switch, and proceeded to switch the light off. Once the light was off, I was in total darkness, I felt this shiver going through my body and became scared. I immediately turned the lights back on.

It would be at least three to four weeks before I felt comfortable with the darkness of night. During these three weeks, I would ensure that whatever room I was in, the lights were definitely switched on, in fact, I carried a torch with me on most occasions during this period of time. The darkness petrified me. Any shadows also scared me and I found I did not want to go outside at all when it became dark.

A week had passed by, and Danny had been in constant communication with me; it was about this time that he asked me if another member of the UFO club could speak to me about my experience. I agreed for this to happen. A time had been arranged and the meeting would be held at my house. It was at this meeting that I was introduced to Rick. Rick was, I believe, the investigating officer within Colin Norris's club at that point in time.

Rick asked a lot of questions; some I could answer, but during the course of this meeting it had been established that I could not account for three and a half hours of my time, nor did I recall my brother's presence once I had gone to the kerosine lantern. They call this missing time".

The meeting between the three of us wound up and they had made their way home. I went to bed. Oddly, that's when I started having strange dreams. The dreams, so implanted into my mind. I would drift into a deep sleep, and then they would come. I would feel incredibly clean, not like when you have just had a shower but an internal feeling of cleanliness, then these odd-looking faces appearing in front of me, rooms, different shapes, and this type of silverish dome or roof over my head, the feeling that something was happening to me, not bodily wise but within. I would awaken sharply from these dreams and go into this panic mode, shaking and feeling slightly out of breath.

The aftermath of the dreams was now regularly getting out of bed approximately one o'clock in the mornings, picking up a pencil, it had to be sharp and of a dark colour, a clean piece of foolscap paper, no folds, no crimpling, and sit down and start drawing odd-looking drawings, ranging from mazes to triangular shades, odd-looking areas what I believe to be some type of maps and spiral shapes. This continued for about six months at least.

The dreams and the drawings, not in my mind, that they could have been part of that night, in fact, I found it a struggle trying to explain to someone what was going on, let alone know within myself what was going on...

Time has elapsed, it is now December 1980, I am invited to attend one of Colin Norris's UFO meetings, through Rick and Danny. They had told me that other people who have had sightings would be at this meeting and this excited me, that I could listen to them and hear of their experiences. Well, I went.

I listened intensely to Colin, members of the committee, some tape recordings and had a bit of a chat with some of the people there; it all sounded good but nothing I heard there sounded even remotely close to what my brother and I had seen, let alone what I was experiencing. The people there gave me the impression that once you had a sighting that was it, nothing to worry about, total acceptance that they had seen a UFO. The questions asked, the answers given too simplistic to my thinking and to what I was personally experiencing. I still needed help, that was obvious, but unknown to many.

Time passed quickly, I cannot give an exact date or place but one day, I picked up a newspaper and read some topic, a plane crash; immediately I thought to myself "I know this," yet I didn't know why. This continued for many years; I even knew I was given certain gifts. This made me feel good and soon I was accepting that the dreams were in fact not dreams but had or were to happen. I had to learn what was what, maybe with help.

I was in regular contact with Rick and Danny and had been now for a couple of years; they decided to take me to a doctor who could hypnotize people, and we all thought this would open my mind as to what really took place that night.

An appointment had been set up for a Sunday morning at the doctor's clinic. We arrived there at approximately ten o'clock in the morning, met with the doctor, and went into his room. We had a short discussion, then it was decided he would hypnotize me. I was asked to lay down at his examination table which I had done, then he commenced. he had asked me totally relax and then started repeating the same word to me over and over. I felt nothing at all. After about half of an hour trying this method, it was decided that another way should be tried; Rick and Danny were still present in the room.

For the second attempt, they were asked if they would leave the room, they did; this time I was asked to sit down in a chair, put my arms upon the upper part of my legs, fingers opened, and relax. The chair was facing the wall, the doctor stood behind me with his tape recorder ready to play.

He started talking to me but this time using a different word to try to put me under. I felt tired and could only hear this one word, it was as though it was putting me to sleep. The word kept flowing through my head, and it was at this point that I envisaged floating through this tunnel: the tunnel was lined with what I associated with reddish or pinkish coloured silk curtains. They appeared to be blowing at each side of me yet not touching me; I was speeding through this tunnel, his word still echoing in my head. The more I twisted my body, the faster I seemed to travel. suddenly I came to the exit.

The exit was a huge black circle and within this circle, there was a golden object which was shaped like an open-ended spanner. I was immediately drawn inside this spanner, and then this type of jolt to my thoughts, and I awoke. When I came around to clear thinking, I felt odd, a little tired, looked to my side and immediately saw Danny, then Rick. They obviously had come back into the room at some stage of me being asleep.

Nothing happened that I was aware of; I did describe this feeling of the tunnel to the doctor, and it was recorded. I stood up, the doctor had made his way to his desk and was sitting behind it and motioned Rick, Danny, and myself to come over to him. We sat down and a slight discussion began. I felt let down within myself; I wanted answers, we all did.

Rick had asked the doctor his thoughts as to why I awoke from the session. The doctor replied that something had obviously taken place, through the earlier discussions I had with him, and he said that two things were possible. The first was that if I had been taken or had been contacted by unknown entities, it was possible that I had been implanted with what is known as a pre-hypnotic suggestion, namely, if I was hypnotized by anyone, I would not be able to recall anything that had happened to me that night. The second opinion was a bit of a shock to me when he said "or he could be telling all of us lies." Really, none of us were any the wiser... We left the doctor's premises all dejected, thanked the doctor for his assistance while in the car park, and made our way back to Rick's house. Even during this period of time, Rick and Danny still believed in me.

Time once again slipped by and now I was starting to tell Rick and Danny about some of the thoughts that I had been receiving, namely about earthquakes and certain disasters that I could foretell. It would take about four weeks for my premonitions to occur and when they did take place, Rick and Danny became more concerned and we all decided that we better start talking to Colin Norris a lot more about my happenings.

I was now becoming a lot more unsettled as I really did not know how to handle this. I joined the UFO club and over a period of time began to talk to Colin more and more. Colin arranged for a member from Victoria to be a guest speaker at one of his meetings and during the course of time he was over here, Rick and Danny had spoken to him. It was a Friday night, I attended this club meeting and had listened to this guest speaking; he fascinated me with his knowledge on the subject.

He spoke about aspects that I knew about yet had not told anyone, and after the meeting finished, I was introduced to him. We had all gone outside and were sitting in Danny's car, Danny in the driver's seat, me in the front passenger seat, and Rick and this guest speaker in the rear seat.

His name was also Kevin. They spoke of UFO matters that had taken place around Australia and I seemed to be the odd one out, namely not knowing about any events that were or had taken place. Then Kevin started talking about alien beings and was describing someone's account. He had said something that irritated me, so I butted in and told him that it was not possible for that to happen that way.

This was my first communication with anyone about the subject of aliens. Kevin asked me what made me think that what he was saying about this person's account was incorrect. I replied, "he was not frightened." This seemed to open a door. It was at this very point that Kevin, Danny, Rick, and I were about to embark on a friendship that would last for the next twelve years or so.

Kevin became a regular visitor to Adelaide and we all had get-togethers whenever he was over. One night we decided to return to where I had my sighting. We had told Kevin about the site and he wanted to check it out for himself.


Back we went. It was a Thursday evening, very dark, cold, and I was extremely nervous. We arrived at the car park, disembarked from the car, climbed over the gate, and headed toward the power station. It was an uncanny feeling; we all felt as though we were being watched; by whom, we don't really know, an eerie feeling. The area had not changed, still isolated, noises from the birds echoing in the air, the sounds of their wings flapping, almost identical sounds as there was when my brother and I ventured down that unforgettable night.

After a lengthy walk and climbing of gates, we arrived at the location. Danny went his way, Rick his and Kevin and I advanced to the water's edge. There was a silence about us, we looked around as I pointed out where I had seen the first glow, the second sighting, where my brother had stood, and where we both were when the large light appeared. The conversation had now turned itself around.

Instead of saying "lights" I found myself calling them "objects", not to impress anyone, but that's how I recalled them while here this time. I was asked by Kevin just exactly where I viewed the golden craft; I pointed to the location. It was about two feet away from me, hovering above the water. Kevin was amazed. He did not talk much after that. We made our way back to my car, we had just sat down and were sort of reminiscing about the walk we had just covered and the isolation of the area. I started the car up, Kevin was still very silent, Rick was doing much of the talking.

I had just driven past the Trotting Track when Kevin asked "how many little people did I see?" I replied "four." Suddenly I felt betrayed, I felt as though I had been trapped into a conversation about something I should not have said, yet at the same time felt relieved.

This seemed to be my release, it was as though now I had been given some type of permission to talk about what happened to me. The things I seemed to have had locked in my mind were now coming to a realization, they were happening. One night I sat down and had the urge to do a drawing. It was in the early hours of the morning; it came to me so easily, block drawings, six of them on the same page.

As I drew, I could see this event happening; I had shown this drawing to friends of mine and they asked what I thought. I told them it was a train crash that would soon happen. The drawing was a train and six carriages. It was heading toward a bridge that was built over a river. The train was definitely overloaded with passengers and I could see that it would not negotiate the bend in the rail tracks because of the extra weight; as the train turned toward the bridge, it came off the tracks.

I could see the carriages sliding down the slope of the hill, the way they had implanted themselves into the embankments. I saw bodies strewn about. Debris everywhere. Three weeks had gone by and one night I was watching the news. The head story was about a train crash. I looked at the screen and was amazed when they showed pictures of the crash. It was as I had drawn it.

These premonitions came regularly, only through drawings, but they were all about tragedies, so I became wild one night and tore up most of the drawings that I had done. I thought to myself that I was causing them, but still, these messages came. I became confused as to what was happening, then decided to talk to Rick about what I was experiencing.

I told him about the future, things that would change our way of living, and also the want to learn about the past. Egypt, South America, Peru, pyramids stepped and triangular styles, and mostly of ancient writings and civilizations. The want to learn about symbolic writings began to take precedent. I was obsessed with symbols that I had started seeing within my mind; I knew they were there for a purpose, yet no signs were forthcoming.

I seemed to be experiencing more about the way mankind was treating the planet, our earth, the devastation of the rain forests, the clearing of land, pollution, and other related aspects of destruction to our environment. My awareness of animals, birdlife, the trees, our environment, the planet we lived on began to become the main concern to me. I also began to drive my car in different directions; instead of going somewhere in my normal direction I would go a different way; I called this "mapping." This lasted for a long time and at times I would stop the car, get out and look around at the surrounding area. After viewing these areas, I would feel a sense of satisfaction; I still cannot explain the reason for this.

Eventually, I stopped drawing, but the premonitions kept coming, and the dreams. If there is a mechanism within our mind that can be blocked, could it be possible for time to be an agent to release portions of knowledge within, that was not able to be released through hypnotic regression, or is it their way of letting out knowledge when they see fit to do so? The dreams...

My first recollection, I felt this motion of floating, my body not being solid, as though my senses were much alive, and then being placed on or in this black type of couch, which comforted me and these odd-looking monitors in the sides of this couch. There were four little guys standing close by, their eyes, they were so large, their heads were egg-shaped and they were a greyish colour; their eyes were hypnotic, I could not see the lower portions of their bodies.

I was not frightened with them, I felt relaxed, they were asking nursery rhymes, not through talking, but telepathic; the words came directly to me when they did say something, they were doing something to my mind.

I seemed to sense this and had the knowledge that they knew this as well; yet, what they were doing to me was working. There was this odd smell to this room; I was able to look at the parts of the room and it appeared small, then big; there was some type of thing suspended from the roof or whatever and the room was totally sterile, that was my impression.

This tall person, unnoticed by me, suddenly appears beside me, he is dressed in a whitish long coat, he has this type of light on his head, he looks like a dummy; he is supposed to look human; I know this, I sense he knows I know. He has also done something to me but I don't know what, I feel astute, I seem to know who he is momentarily, I see past this dummy guy.

I see someone in the background; he is dressed in a brown type of caped coat, he is floating, I should not have seen him, I feel as though he is a high person, religious or sacred. I sense all is for a reason, that I am part of something. I awake, touch the bedside light. I sit up in my bed, my wife asleep at my side; I look at the clock, it is one-thirty in the morning; around the room, nothing, I still am haunted by my thoughts, I close my eyes and return to sleep.

The second recollection...

I was with someone, he/they were not visible to me; once again I am not of body, just this feeling that my senses are awakened and that I am able to see all. I am at this window, for lack of description, unusual, round, and very, very thick, this word in my head tells me to look out, which I immediately do. I see a spiral, which is engrossed in darkness, a darkness I have never before seen; this spiral is in the distance, it passes by, I heard the words "horse's head." I momentarily wonder, then I am in another room. I do not know how I arrived in this room, it was instantaneous.

The room was large, it had walls that appeared to be made out of a blackish colour of plastic or polyurethane. I could hear noises from behind this glass and spontaneously the glass opened. I entered somehow and looked around. The area was immensely huge and there were rows and rows of balconies as high and as far as I could see.

There appeared to be faces, these faces contained these huge black eyes; then I seemed to realize that they were these little people. I felt part of them as though I had to do something to assist them; I could sense their needs whilst there and also had the feeling that this area was later to be taken up by human beings.

Again, I have been removed. I am now looking at some type of doorway, it has bronze-like lining around the doorway. The bronze has types of drawings engrossed within itself. There are three tiers of bronze on each side of this doorway but segregated. They combined appear to be approximately six-foot-high on each side. There are symbols, triangles, dots, some type of squares; I have the impression they stand for something yet cannot register their meaning, there are no messages from within, but I have this strange feeling if I placed my hands on these squares of bronze in a specific order, I would gain access to something. But the time was not yet.

Now I am in another room. This is entirely different than any other, it is dark, it looks gothic, I see nine chairs behind this very large semi-circular table; I look at the chairs, they all have some type of symbols engraved in them. I look closer, I pass my eyes over each chair, suddenly one appears to change its colour, I get this feeling this is my chair. I see the symbol written on it momentarily, then I am out of there completely.

The most unusual and dominating dream. This is the first recollection of being of body; the room or area I am in is of a silverish colour, I stand approximately seven-feet tall. I am dressed in a blueish type of robe, the collars are pronounced, I have a cape on my head, which is part of the robe that I am wearing. The robe is purple inside.

I stand in these silver-coloured boots, in my left hand is a rod or staff, in my right hand I hold a round crystal ball; I stand on a platform that is of a metallic substance, I face a doorway that I know will soon open.

The room is silver in its appearance, totally circular, and clean. The doors open, people enter; in pairs, they advance toward me, I point the rod at each one of them; I then look at the crystal. If the crystal remains clear, I let them pass. If not, I remove them. I feel no remorse, I am not the judge of who is to be saved but merely do what I have to do.

The people are all dressed the same, they are in coats which are white in colour, there are no sounds of them talking or their footsteps on this surface which they treat; I know they are being selected, I know they did not relent their free will... These were my dreams.

Well, as time passed by, I began to talk about different aspects of my happenings to close friends, also to people that I had just met. After a while wherever I went the conversation of UFOs would come up, and I found myself getting into arguments about the subject. So, I decided not tell most people of what had happened to me and my brother. My brother would not speak to anyone about what took place that night, but on one occasion when he had been at my place, I asked him what his ideas were.

He told me he was aware of the large object, and for a long while, he saw these little objects flying into this large craft. I asked him if he remembered me being there; he said he could not. The more I tried to question him, the more agitated he became, so after all these years I cannot get him to talk about it. The fact that he was only thirteen years old when it happened could have played a factor in this; was it designed, who knows? On many occasions, I tried to get him to talk about it but he declined. I do remember my mother telling me that it took him a long time to settle down after that night and that he, too, was afraid of the dark for a long period of time as well. Now, on reflection, I was so caught up with myself that I often wonder what effect it has or has had on my younger brother. Could I have helped him or would it sort itself out? Time will be the answer to that.

Well, a lot of time has elapsed. I continued going to UFO meetings, spoke to others who had experiences, and still kept in regular contact with Rick and Danny; we were still in communication with Kevin from Melbourne.

During the Queen's Birthday long weekend in June, there was a UFO conference at Stawell in Victoria, organised by Kevin. We all attended this conference, which was held at Mini-World. Colin Norris and his club members had been invited and it was open to the public.

Rick, Danny, and I, through Kevin, were to help assist the exhibition of panels and the running of documentaries of UFO sightings etc. The seminar was held in the nearly completed pyramid that Mini-World had built.

I was reading some panels of the Frederick Valentich disappearance when two ladies approached. I heard them discussing this topic, and found they seemed to know a fair bit about it and listened to their conversation.

I had moved from this area and was looking at other panels when once again I seemed to run into these two ladies. This time I struck up a conversation with them. It was becoming late in the afternoon and also cold when Rick walked over to me. Somehow, we all became entangled in conversation and the ladies had to go but we were interested in completing what we had started talking about. They gave Rick and me their motel number and asked if we could meet after tea and complete the discussion.

We had tied up in the pyramid, locked the doors, returned the keys to management at the kiosk, and with Kevin in the car, told him about our meeting with these two ladies. He asked their names, we told him, then he told us one of the ladies was the president of V.U.F.O.R.S., a UFO organisation in Victoria, and that this organisation was very highly regarded worldwide towards its investigations into UFO matters.

Tea had been completed; Rick, Danny, and I drove to the motel. We were greeted at the door and asked to come inside. During the course of the night my happening was discussed; not totally, because I still was unaware of what was taking place, but clear was the way everything happened.

The lady's name was Judy McGee. She showed a lot of interest in my experience and during the next few years, I would join V.U.F.O.R.S., and would eventually receive their magazines as well. Eventually, I would return to Melbourne and with Kevin would be interviewed by the V.U.F.O.R.S. committee. I would also meet Mr Paul Norman, a highly respected UFO investigator. This eventually took place at Judy's home. The interview was long, thorough, and I believe three ninety-minute tape recordings were done. I had for some time after this interview kept in contact with Judy, but eventually lost total contact with her, and consequently V.U.F.O.R.S.

Some years after this interview Kevin was talking to members of the committee of V.U.F.O.R.S., and when my name was mentioned, it was claimed that I was the person who was to meet alien beings somewhere in the Dandenong Mountain Range. Well, that, within myself, made me feel as though they did not care, and it steered me toward not wanting to confide in UFO groups. It was at this time that I withdrew from any association with UFO clubs, but occasionally I would still keep in contact with Colin Norris.

Time surpassed, it was now approximately nineteen eighty-five; Rick, Danny, and myself decided to return to Torrens Island, to the area where I had the sightings. It was mid-September, dark, and very cold when we walked down; the mosquitos were active. We had climbed the second gate and had passed a pylon when I could not advance any further. It felt as though something was preventing me from advancing forward; I turned around to notice that Rick and Danny had this glow surrounding their bodies, they appeared as though they were lit up like Christmas trees.

I shouted to them what I was seeing, they responded, then I went a little crazy, and for some reason wanted to run and jump into the water. They wrestled with me for about five minutes, then calmed me down. Still, I could not pass this pylon. Then, as if someone had lifted a shield or something, we could all advance forward.

We made our way to the water's edge where the sightings had occurred; nothing had changed but the three of us were positive something was aware we were there. After about half an hour we decided to leave this area and headed back to our car. We had climbed the gates and were very close to the wooden footbridge when something caused the footbridge to creak very loudly.

I looked at the bridge and caught sight of what appeared to be a shadow of something caped, flying across the bridge. It happened so quickly, no one had said anything. There was total silence now between the three of us. We had returned to my car and were sitting in it when Rick asked if any of us had noticed anything unusual. Danny replied yes, that he saw something flash across the footbridge just after we heard the bridge creak. I replied the same. Rick then told us he saw the same thing as well. We all agreed that something was odd about this place and that yes, indeed, we were being watched, but not by human eyes. We, except Kevin, never told anyone about this experience we had shared and this tended to set up a bond between the three of us for a long, long time.

There were more happenings between the three of us and as time passed by, Danny, unfortunately through private matters became distant from Rick and me. Other people began to surface and Rick and myself slowly began to distance ourselves from most people due to the fact we were chasing something but did not know how to tackle the problem. We lost our confidence totally with the UFO clubs and ventured down some strange avenues, met with some nice people who we thought shared our thoughts, but at a later date found them to be on a different wavelength; then slowly, Rick's and my closeness also extinguished.

The years quickly fell. The dates that were in my head, which I thought were significant, passed. Events that I had been told would happen, happened, but not in the order I was given. I became angry within myself, only talking to my wife. She often reminded me that what I was doing was stupid, and what did it matter if I thought the world was to an end; the principle of life was to live it to its fullest and what was to eventuate, would in fact eventuate, but to me, it was not that simple. I was still being haunted by something, there is and will be a purpose for me, I still believed.

One night, date unknown, I had this urge to write and draw again. I found myself writing about the future. Everything began to assemble itself, but not in any specific order. I could see our telephone system changing; no use of money in the phone, instead, you would insert a type of card into a slot and make your telephone calls that way. Also, the fact that eventually all banking, shopping, any type of transaction, would be done through your television, in fact, eventually everyone would shop this way, and that we, the people, would end up reporting daily to our televisions just as to what our daily movements would be.

The cashless society would indeed become a fact and the need for banking would exhaust itself, therefore closing banks, credit unions, and any facility that traded in cash transactions. Unemployment would be astronomical, suicides would prevail, the health program would collapse, hospitals would close down.

The need for medical help would be a user pays system and if you could not afford it, well, you die. The sign of this happening would be a scare that a virus has broken out and that all people will have to be vaccinated.

You will go to your local doctor or a clinic specially set up to deal with this situation. Once there, you will in fact be injected with a silicone chip and this will give them total control of your life. If done by tricker or not, you will be subjected to the new world's order way of life.

The earth's climate will drastically change, floods never before witnessed will occur, deaths will become alarmingly high through our mistreatment of our planet. Volcanoes erupting will become a common thing, disasters in the air and on land by motion will increase. The rich will become disassociated with the poor, the poor will eventually be led like sheep to the slaughter.

The temperatures will change drastically, the winters will become colder worldwide, and the summers will be like never before, temperatures surpassing the hundred mark consistently. Thousands will die.

The earth will shift, slightly; there will be a polar shift. Authorities will be aware of this but it will be kept from the ordinary people. The ominous signs will be people doing strange things; shootings, mass killings will take place; religious cults taking their own lives, animals slowly dying off, birdlife decaying, trees not as green as they should be, and finally, the earthquake that mankind has never before witnessed. Country fighting country without any winners, just loss of life, then the war that has been prophesised.

Where it all ends, why it all ends, - is it because we have forgotten that everyone is equal, yet through ignorance and greed this lesson has been ignored; or are there evil forces out there trying to test the way we have been designed or created? Is there good, is there evil, does this need answering? Perhaps intervention was always going to happen; then, the question is whose side are we on, how do we change our prophecies, for somewhere it is written prophecies are forecast to make change; have we? The recue, It shall be not to give up your free will; if you have a belief, trust in it for you are your own destiny.

Once I wrote all of this down, I re-read it to myself and thought "who do you tell?", more so, "how do you tell?", it is as though people know that the world is changing at a rapid pace, yet appear to go on about their ways to dismiss my thoughts as this will not eventuate. The UFO clubs I have had an association with are interested in talking to people, but when the discussions are over, file the reports and with hundreds of others now become pieces of paper with accounts of UFO encounters.

Well, many, many years have now caught up with me. The year is nineteen ninety-nine. I sit here and still think "where are we headed?" My ideas are that maybe that night in September my brother and I just happened to be at a place that was capable of creating an alternative world. By this I mean, maybe the future was happening, as was the past, as was the present and I, maybe my brother, saw this happening as it was happening. Somehow, a window of time opened, maybe the objects we saw were there to open this window; maybe it was religious, maybe we were seeing the angels doing their work, or maybe it was unidentified flying objects. Whatever we saw, we know of its existence.

Our Conclusion

This is an absolutely fascinating first-hand account from an alien contactee, Kevin contacted us and shared his experience with us. We have to add that he has received no financial compensation for sharing his story, he has also requested that his full identity be kept private. Kevin has kindly agreed to host a Q & A session with us and we would welcome any questions you would like to put to Kevin, added to the comments section below.

We would like to thank Kevin for trusting us with his experience!

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