The Westall UFO: Military Jets, A Science Teacher, Hundreds Of Pupils And The "Men In Black"

On April 6, 1966, hundreds of students as well as their science teacher at the Westall School in Australia looked on as mysterious object flew through the sky whilst being pursued by 5 military aircraft.

Westall UFO Incident
In 1966, it is claimed that a UFO was seen being chased by 5 military aircraft in Australia

On April 6, 1966, approximately 200 Westall High School students, their teacher, and the local residents of Clayton South watched a large UFO flying through the sky whilst being pursued by what appeared to be military jets.

Andrew Greenwood, who at the time taught the year 9 students science was the only adult at the school who witnessed the incident, and he quickly reported what he saw.

He has explained how he and his students suddenly, from nowhere, saw a strange saucer-shaped object that appeared over the school and hovered above the building. He described the object as grey in colour and roughly 2/3 the length of a two-seater Cessna aircraft, he said that the UFO resembled a plate with a large bulge in the middle of it. He also said that the speed that it traveled was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Greenwood recalled how the unknown object was constantly moving up and down and changing between moving slowly and accelerating at rapid speeds.

Even more strangely, he said that the UFO was being followed by 5 military-style aircraft, that appeared to attempt to overtake it, being unsuccessful every time.

Andrew Greenwood also went on to make claims of how the Australian government, as well as the US government, made efforts to ensure that he didn't speak about what he had witnessed.

"I saw a craft. A mechanical object intelligently controlled hovering above me", Greenwood claimed in an interview with a local news outlet.

It took less than 40 minutes for the army and the airforce to pour into the area and form a large security barrier around the reserve where the UFO had been seen.

Westall UFO sighting
An image showing how the Westall UFO incident was described

Andrew Greenwood knew the area well, he and several others said that they were able to sneak into the cordoned-off area and take a look at what was going on.

"We saw a circular area, like trampled grass, and there were guards around it and there were people in there with equipment," said Greenwood.

Initially, Andrew Greenwood spoke to local news reporters about what he and his students had seen, but he would soon stop talking after being warned off by two men who claimed to be government officials who visited him at his home two weeks after the incident.

"One in plain clothes, and the other one, senior air force," Greenwood said.

The unidentified men told the teacher that he was mistaken about what he saw and that he "hadn't really seen anything".

"Absolutely, I was threatened. I was told that I should not say anything about it," Mr Greenwood said.

"When I tried to explain to them that they weren't there, I was and I knew what I saw, well, the first suggestion was that you'd be ill-advised to go on saying that because clearly you were drunk on duty and will have to be reported to the education department and of course you will lose your job."

A year after the Westall UFO incident, Andrew Greenwood was interviewed by an American physicist by the name of Dr James E McDonald, who was well known for his study into the subject of UFOs, he says that the interview was under the instruction of the office of the then President of the United States, Lyndon B Johnson.

Westall UFO evidence
The trampled grass that was said to be guarded by military personnel following the Westall UFO Incident

"The president had authorised the establishment of a board of inquiry, or an inquiry to inquire into issues of unidentified flying objects, and that they were sending out someone," he said.

Still to this day, Andrew Greenwood is convinced that the Australian government covered up the Westall UFO incident and has refused to disclose any further information since.

"What really strikes me is that 55 years on, these people are very certain about what they saw," he said.

"It just beggars belief for me in Australia we've never had an official investigation. And flatly I think there has been a cover-up, I really do."

"I think someone has buried the Department of Supply report which I know exists.

To this day the Westall UFO Incident remains one of the many unsolved mysteries within the UFO phenomena, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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