The Zone Of Silence - No Satellite Signals, UFOs & Alien Sightings In Mexico's Bermuda Triangle

Located in the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve, in a place referred to as the Trino Vertex, is a mysterious patch of desert that has gathered a reputation for strange and unexplainable incidents.

UFOs Zone of Silence
Mexico's Zone of Silence is known for many UFO & alien sightings as well as unexplainable scientific phenomena

Known as La Zona del Silencio, or the Zone of Silence, this mysterious place is where radio and satellite signals just won't work and compasses spin out of control for no obvious reason, these are just some of the occurrences that have led to the Zone of Silence being classed as the Bermuda Triangle of northern Mexico.

The first recorded unexplained incident that took place in the Zone of Silence in Mexico happened in the 1930s, when a pilot by the name of Francisco Sarabia, was flying over the area when he experienced his radio suddenly stop working and his instruments went wild.

In the 1970s, the Zone of Silence once again had the attention of the media when a faulty American missile was launched from the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico and crashed into the region, many people claimed that whatever was causing the unexplainable incidents in the area was responsible for pulling the missile into the Zone of Silence and bringing it down.

Following the incident, the Mexican government allowed USAF officials to carry out an investigation at the crash site, they quickly claimed to have an explanation to the incident. It was discovered that no signals of any type were able to penetrate the area, this included any satellite or radio signals, authorities said that this was due to local magnetic fields that created a dark zone, this is what inspired the now well known name of the area.

For decades now a lot of research has been done at the Zone of Silence, an area that borders the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila. The Mexican government has constructed a research facility, from which they claim to be studying the unusual local wildlife and habitat.

Many researchers are convinced that the government is studying much more than it is admitting, as there are plenty of other anomalies with the area to research.

UFOs in Mexico
For years local ranchers have reported seeing strange lights, UFOs and even extraterrestrial beings

Just one of the vast amount of unusual observable properties in this area is its extremely high levels of uranium and magnetite deposits, to which scientists attribute electromagnetic pulses that are said to be the source of the disrupted signals.

The area is also known for being a hotbed for meteorites, two meteorites have even landed on the exact same range, one in 1938 and one again in 1954. Scientists have explained that many remnants of these meteorites exude magnetic properties, possibly explaining why so many iron-rich objects from space have ended up here.

Video Explaining Some Events At The Zone of Silence

The Zone of Silence also has a well known reputation for bizarre lights being seen the sky, UFO sightings and even alien encounters. Many locals even believe that the area has been used as a portal by extraterrestrials.

There are many local tales from ranchers who have claimed to see strange lights and even alien entities that have appeared from nowhere and claimed to have come "from above". Multiple witnesses have claimed to have seen the same three blonde human-like beings in the area at various different times.

Many witnesses have come forward with reports of seeing UFOs flying over the Zone of Silence, often being described as "disc shaped," witnesses to the UFOs have even reported finding physical evidence to back up their claims, some have discovered burned brush and vegetation at the landing sites of the UFOs they have claimed to see.

Whether you believe that the incidents relate to UFO and alien sightings or not, it is impossible to deny that there is certainly something extremely strange going on in the Zone of Silence in northern Mexico.

Zone of Silence Mexico
Mexico's Zone of Silence is still to this day surrounding in mystery

Fascinatingly, the Zone of Silence is geographically parallel with the Egyptian pyramids and the Bermuda Triangle, and is located just north of the Tropic of Cancer.

Scientists at the Mexican research centre have named the area the "Sea of Thety," due to the fact it would have been at the bottom of an ocean millions of years ago. None of this though actually explains the mysterious incidents that continue to happen here.

There has been no concrete evidence released to the public that has supported the claims of extraterrestrial activity in the area, however, the countless sightings from locals and the reports from pilots and other authorities are somewhat difficult to just ignore.

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