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Thieving Mother Daughter Duo Who Robbed The Elderly To Buy Cigarettes & Alcohol Jailed

Low-life mother and daughter duo who stole cash and bank cards from vulnerable elderly people to buy cigarettes and alcohol have been jailed.

Cherrelle Clarke (left) and Dionne Clarke have been jailed
Cherrelle Clarke (left) and Dionne Clarke have been jailed

57-year-old Dionne Clarke and her 29-year-old daughter Cherrelle Clarke, of Manston Road, Ramsgate, Kent, appeared at Canterbury Crown Court charged with fraud, theft, and robbery.

The two women pleaded guilty to the charges and were sentenced on Thursday.

Cherelle was jailed for five years and Dionne was jailed for three years and eight months.

Between May and June this year, they carried out numerous offences in Ramsgate and Canterbury, with police describing their actions as "callous".

Kent Police described how the pair robbed a man of his wallet in May at a supermarket car park in Canterbury.

In June, they pretended to help an elderly woman carry her shopping up some steps in Ramsgate while stealing her purse.

They used the stolen bank cards in shops, a cafe, and a pub where police found and arrested them.

On May 25, Kent Police were called to a report of a robbery, where an elderly man, in his 80s, had his wallet stolen from him while in a car park in Canterbury. The man attempted to hold on but the wallet was pulled from him with such force that it caused him to fall to the ground.

Cherelle and Dionne were then later seen throwing the wallet into a river after removing the stolen bank cards.

Detective Sergeant Jay Robinson said: "The Clarkes were callous in their approach, targeting elderly people and either forcefully taking what was not theirs or tricking their victim with fake kindness while they stole.

"They then spent someone else's money on tobacco and alcohol. "I hope they use their time in custody to seriously question their choices in life and perhaps realise how despicable their behaviour is."

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