Three Arkansas Police Officers Suspended After Brutal Arrest Video Goes Viral

WATCH: Three police officers from Arkansas have been suspended after this video circulated on social media showing them violently beating a man during an arrest.

Three officers have been suspended after the violent arrest video circulated on social media
Three officers have been suspended after the violent arrest video circulated on social media

Arkansas State Police has confirmed that three officers have been suspended while they investigate the incident in which a suspect appeared to be pinned to the ground and viciously beaten during an arrest.

The video was recorded outside a convenience store in Mulberry on Sunday, and showed three police officers, two from the Crawford County Sheriff's Department and one from the Mulberry Police Department violently arresting a man accused of trespassing and other crimes, Arkansas State Police said in a statement.

The suspect, who has been identified as 27-year-old Randal Worcester of Goose Creek, South Carolina, was taken to hospital with undisclosed injuries prior to being jailed, state police confirmed.


The officers involved in the arrest were named as Crawford County Sheriff's Office deputies Levi White, and Zack King, and Mulberry officer Thell Riddle, the sheriff's office revealed on Monday.

On Monday, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson described the officers' conduct as "reprehensible" in a news conference, he said: "First of all, that is reprehensible conduct in which a suspect is beat in that fashion. "We don't have all of the details and certainly that suspect had a history of concern that was legitimate for the officers, but that response was not consistent with the training that they receive as certified officers with the Arkansas law enforcement training academy."

Mr Hutchinson also said that in addition to an investigation by Arkansas state police, the US Department of Justice was also conducting a probe into the incident.

Bill Bryant, Colonel of the Arkansas State Police, said on Monday that all three officers are now on paid administrative leave.

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