Three-Month-Old Baby Killed After Mother Crashes Car In Suspected Drunk Driving Accident

A three-month-old baby has been killed in Las Vegas after her mother crashed into a road sign in what police believe was a drunk driving incident.

Kazjah Dillon, 24, was arrested after the crash in north Las Vegas
Kazjah Dillon, 24, was arrested after the crash in north Las Vegas

Kazjah Dillon, of North Las Vegas, faces 15 criminal charges after crashing into a sign for the Las Palmares neighborhood on August 28. The charges against her include felony DUI, child abuse, and leaving a crime scene.

The 24-year-old mother was driving her 2012 Chrysler Sedan when she veered off the road. Her two children, neither secured with a seatbelt, were in the car with her at the time of the accident, according to municipal court records.

Dillon's three-month-old daughter, Inaya Alston, suffered severe injuries after hitting the car windscreen during the crash. The baby was taken to the University Medical Center.

Police confirmed yesterday that Inaya Alston tragically died due to her injuries on August 31.

Dillon's other child, who has not been named, suffered only minor injuries.

Dillon, who was also driving on a suspended license, allegedly told authorities that she had one or two shots of Hennessy before picking up her children. She also told police that she had been working double shifts, causing her to call asleep behind the wheel.

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