Tragedy In Costa Rica As Young Boy, 8, Killed By Crocodile In front Of Horrified Parents

A young boy was dragged beneath the water and mauled to death by a crocodile while playing in a shallow part of a river in Costa Rica.

The boy was snatched by the crocodile while playing in the river
The boy was snatched by the crocodile while playing in the Matina river

8-year-old Julio Otero Fernandez was playing in shallow water in the Matina River, close to his family home in Limon, Costa Rica, when he was savagely attacked by a crocodile.

The young boys' distraught parents, Don Julio and Margini Fernandez Flore, could do nothing but watch as the huge reptile "floated away with their son's body."

She said: "We can't be here, because we spend every time remembering how nice it was to have him here with us.

"It is very difficult for us, so we are going to have to get out of here.

"Whenever we remember what happened, it is impossible not to shed tears."

Local search teams have spent the last few days in search of Julio's body, however, heavy rain has made the process extremely difficult. His body has not been found and authorities say it is impossible to know which crocodile killed the child.

Tatiana Diaz, regional director of the Limon Red Cross, told reporters that it is likely that Julio was taken to the animal's underwater cave or burrow.

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