Twenty Passengers Burn To Death In Horrific Bus Crash In Nigeria

Twenty passengers burnt to death when their bus burst into flames after crashing into another vehicle in southwest Nigeria on Friday.

20 people died in the crash on Friday in Nigeria
20 people died in the crash on Friday in Nigeria's Oyo state

Only two people managed to survive the horrific accident that took place in Lanlate in Oyo state on Friday. Gbenga Obalowo, the chairman of the Ibarapa district, said: "It was a fatal accident. We counted over 20 human bodies burnt completely. "They had a head-on collision and the two vehicles, which were both conveying passengers caught fire and got burnt beyond repair. He added that the two survivors "with severe burns" were rushed to hospital.

A senior police officer confirmed the incident but gave no further details, he said "20 people lost their lives in the accident."

Mr Obalowo said the accident was a result of reckless driving and excessive speeding.

Tragic accidents are unfortunately commonplace in Nigeria due to poorly-maintained roads and a frequent disregard for traffic rules and laws.

This incident comes after 30 people lost their lives in July when three vehicles collided on a highway in Nigeria's Kaduna state.

According to the road safety commission, last year, 5,101 people were killed and more than 30,000 injured in road traffic accidents in the country.

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